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BCE Endowment Fund - An Investment in the Future of Burlingame
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Financial Literacy for Middle Schoolers 
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Investing in the
Future of Burlingame Speaker Series 2021

The BCE Endowment Fund Mission: Investing for the Future

To provide a source of permanent financial stability to BCE’s annual grant to the Burlingame School District that will meet the needs of future generations of public school students for years to come.  


Our great public schools are a key reason that Burlingame is such a desirable place to live. Our schools contribute to strong property values, local businesses, and a vibrant community. 


The BCE Endowment Fund is designed to be a permanent, self-sustaining fund. The principal is invested and all or part of the earnings are used to help support the costs of Burlingame School District programs and goals in a given year. Many school districts have an endowment fund in addition to annual fundraising to better provide consistent long–term financial support. In years where annual fundraising falls short or state funding is less, the Endowment Fund can help fill the gap.

Donor-Directed Endowment Fund Gifts


Fund Growth


  • Financial Stability: As the endowment grows, a stable source of long–term funding eases annual financial pressures.

  • Generational Equity: An endowment allows BCE to meet the needs of future generations for years to come, creating a strong and vibrant community.

  • Donor Opportunities: Because endowment gifts are invested in perpetuity, gifts can serve as a permanent tribute to the donor and recipient.

We need your help to reach our $2,000,000 Endowment Fund goal to enable BCE to preserve investment capital while increasing the annual grant to BSD. Your support for the BCE Endowment Fund helps sustain our strong community and keep the high quality and character of Burlingame for years to come. 

BCE Endowment Fund Founder's Circle recognizes donors who have made an investment of $10,000 or more including multi-year pledges.

All donors who contribute a major gift towards that effort will be acknowledged in perpetuity. You will receive special recognition as a Founder’s Circle member in the BCE Annual Report and have special access to BCE programming and news throughout the years to help you stay connected to our great community.


There are many ways to support the BCE Endowment Fund, including:

  • PLEDGE: Make a multi-year pledge and fulfill your commitment on terms that work for you. 

  • ONLINE: Make a one-time gift to the BCE Endowment Fund or set-up a multi-year or recurring annual gift

  • DONOR-ADVISED FUND (DAF): A gift from your donor-advised fund is a convenient way to support the BCE Endowment.   

  • MAILED CHECK:  Make check payable to BCE Endowment and mail along with a signed one-time fund agreement or multi-year pledge agreement to BCE Foundation, PO Box 117730, Burlingame, CA 94011.

  • STOCK DONATIONS: A gift of stock has many tax advantages. Donating stock directly to the endowment fund can easily increase the impact of your donation.

  • PLANNED GIFTS: Consider leaving a legacy gift to benefit BCE. You can make a bequest or estate gift, name BCE as the beneficiary of your IRA account or Life Insurance or consider a variety of planned giving options. Ask your attorney or tax accountant about planned giving options.

How the Endowment is Different From the Annual Campaign: Investing for Today

A donation to the BCE Annual Campaign directly funds current essential programs related to academic excellence, improved classroom experience, and teacher professional development throughout the Burlingame TK-8 schools. Without this support, librarians, PE specialists, teacher’s aides, technology, art, music, professional development, innovation, and strategic planning cannot be robustly sustained from year-to-year. Funds raised by The Annual Campaign are given to the District each year. Contributions made to the BCE Endowment Fund, on the other hand, are invested so they have longevity.

If you’d like to speak to us or meet about your gift to the BCE Endowment Fund, please contact us at endowment@bcefoundation.org or (650) 766-8969.


(650) 766-8969

P.O. Box 117730 

Burlingame, CA 94011-7730

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