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Dear BCE Supporters, 

Thank you for investing in the future of all our Burlingame School District (BSD) TK-8th grade students. With your continued support, we granted $2.7M to Burlingame School District (BSD). This grant provides funding for 20 additional teachers in the areas of music and arts, health and wellness, world language and elementary intervention and support.  

This was our largest grant to date and we are extremely grateful to all the parents, businesses, community members and friends of BCE who contributed to make this possible.  BCE’s grant benefits all students in the district and helps our Burlingame community and schools stay strong and desirable! 

Our BCE Board is made up entirely of fellow parent volunteers. Accomplishing our goals requires a collective effort, and BCE is committed to:

  • Leadership through a diverse board composed of parents from all school sites.

  • Celebrating participation at any amount. 

  • Active engagement with the leaders of our school district, PTAs, and the City of Burlingame.

We have a lot to be proud of for what we accomplished during the 2022-2023 year but we also have our work cut out for us as we begin fundraising for the 2023-24 school year. We need your help! Please ask neighbors, friends, and family members to donate to keep great teachers in our community and crucial programs in our schools. 

Give early in the school year and at a level that is meaningful to your family. Volunteer your time, talent and leadership to our shared mission. Together, we will be able to continue funding existing programs and help BSD meet additional needs in the future.

With gratitude,

The BCE Board of Directors

BCE Board of Directors

2022-2023 (past)

Jen Faber


Erica Liang


Carl Hessler


Raven Sarnoff

VP Annual Campaign

Aric Agresti

VP Business Development

Cindy Wu

VP Events

Kendra Calvert

VP Marketing

Helen Foo

VP New Families

Lisa Friedman

VP Scholars Circle

Christine Gutknecht

VP Site Directors

Manisha Lakhanpal

BIS Site Director

Alana Kleinerman

Franklin Site Director

Rob Buccieri

Hoover Site Director

Meghan Dunne

Lincoln Site Director

Sharyl Wong

McKinley Site Director

Shantel Weinsheimer

Roosevelt Site Director

Christina Funk

Washington Site Director

BCE Staff

2022-2023 (past)

Angela Dubovsky

Executive Director

Felicia Ng

Operations Manager

Fabiola Price

Event Manager

Michelle White

Administrative & Communications Specialist

Jenese Sieben


BCE Granted $2.7M to BSD for the 2023-24 School Year!

BCE Financials

Read the Grant Letter


BCE Endowment Fund

The BCE Endowment Fund is designed to be a permanent, self-sustaining fund.

A $2,000,000 Endowment Fund goal will enable BCE to preserve investment capital while increasing the annual grant to BSD. The BCE Endowment Fund will help sustain our strong community and keep the high quality of Burlingame public schools for years to come.

Endowment Fund Balance

Founders Circle

BCE Endowment Fund Founder’s Circle recognizes donors who have made an investment of $10,000 or more including multi-year pledges.

Endowment Council Trustees

Meredith Dunn

Jen Faber

Marni Fligel

Ray Kruck

Sari McConnell

Matt Potter

Peter Stevenson

Cyndi Wright

Please consider making a multi-year pledge to the BCE Endowment Fund in addition to your Annual Campaign support.

Thank you to the BCE Volunteer Corps!

Vanessa Bass

Erin Lish

Katie Jay

Melanie Wang

Summer Xia

Joan Lafferty

Michelle Chee

Tawny Darling

Mira Chiang

Winnie Wong

Carole Ren

Gauri Kelekar

Kate Tobias

Lena Draper

Melanie Ball

Jaime Smith

David Levitt

Pamela Hung

Steven Oliver

Kimberly Rosales

Michelle Barrett

Davina Nazarian Chall

Nicole Mustafa

Matt Wuebbling

Archana Jayakumar

Leighton Burgess

Andrea McMahan

Kathy Kleinbaum

Liz Anderson

Neha Masson

Susan Chen

Corinne Chu

Cyndi Wright

Karen Pellett

Penny Crespo

Stacie Arbues

Claire Hsu

Aimee Yip

Phuong Tran

Nora Park

Henry Yeung

Anjna Mehta

Greg Powell

Byung Choung

Melody Valdez

Kacy Church

Matt Potter

Molly St. Clair

Carmen Petrossian

Dana Howells McFadden

Clarissa Bukhan

Krista Cohendet

Gary (Bin) Chang

Peter Stevenson

Christina Geheran

Carman Chan

Megan Baldwin

Michelle Dow

Sarah Simson

Jennifer Lin

Carrie Chen

Marni Fligel

Michelle Yang

Tricia Betts

Ray Kruck

Carolyn Way

Erin Efner

Gemmy Tsai

Maria Comas

Anya Ho-Sole

Sheena Gomez

Liz Ray

Kathy Tsai

Ruchika Julipali

Meghan Scimeca

Sari McConnell

Michelle Jones

Anne Wang Reed

Katie Caponigro

Maya Ruiz-Scofield

Alitsiya Yusupova

Natalie Cookson Sparhawk

Our TK-8 Public Schools

Our community values strong public schools and our shares the commitment to provide funding to enrich the education of our children.

Your BCE donations make a positive impact every day on every TK-8th grade student and every school in our district:

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