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BCE Founder's Circle

BCE Endowment Fund Founder's Circle recognizes donors who have made an investment of $10,000 or more including multi-year pledges.

BCE Endowment Founder’s Circle recognition levels:

Ambassador: $100,000+

Benefactor $75,000 - $99,999

Patron:  $50,000 - $74,999

Innovator:  $25,000 - $49,999

Trustee: $15,000 – $24,999

Superintendent: $10,000 – $14,999

Thank you to our BCE Endowment Fund Founder's Circle Donors!

Ambassador $100,000+

Leighton Burgess & Matt Wuebbling

Sarah & Tim Kingsbury

Ray Kruck & Jennifer Vancini

Sari & Blake McConnell

Meta Platforms, Inc.

Benefactor $75,000–$99,999 

Cristos & Elizabeth Goodrow


Patron $50,000–$74,999

Robert & Deborah Hirth

Sue & David Istock

Marc & Betsy Rosen

John & Katie Storey

Innovator $25,000–$49,999

Marni & Andy Fligel

Cathy & Joe Guglielmi

Perry Mizota & Jill Goldsmith

Richard & Kristin Moran

Kimberly & Mark Rosales

David & Meredith Thacker

Sarah & Karl Wiley

Trustee $15,000–$24,999

Elisa Lee & Jeff Reed

Deepak & Zeryn Sarpangal

Cyndi & Dave Wright

Superintendent $10,000–$14,999

Jamie Burton

Jennifer Colvin & Eric Klein

Meredith & Blair Dunn

David & Angela Dubovsky

The Foo Family

Melissa & Steve Macko

Rory & Olive O'Driscoll

Anne Ooka & Mark Wilson

Malinda Pauly & Dan Sutherlin

Erika & Nick Pianim

Lori & Matthew Potter

Ina Rhee & Tae Bum Shin

David & Linda Shaffer

Delyn Simons & David Jones

Molly & Jeff St. Clair

Lindsey & Andrew Stein

Peter Stevenson

Christine Thorsteinson & Paul Cousineau

Quynh Trinh & Thong Nguyen

Raziel Ungar, Compass

Many thanks to these generous donors to the BCE Endowment Fund

Irving Agard

Deepika and Chetan Ahuja

Michael and Gretchen Barber

Nancy and Sanford Behrens

David and Carole Brooks

Ron and Jacky Burks

Petra Campos and Michael Golaszewski

Susan Caspi

Christopher and Lisa Chai

Charles Schwab, Lin Sun

Taylor Clark and John Woody

Paula and Donald Crosatto

Craig and Kristin Donato

Ron and Davina Drabkin

Lunbo Du and Xinying Li

Lynette Erlach

Fidelity Investments, Brian Endicott

Franklin Templeton, Andrea Bibelheimer

Leslie and Jeff Holzman

Sean Howley and Stephanie Colbert-Howley

Phillip Kennedy and Lisa Winston

Jeanmarie and Ray LaBonte

Laurie and Robert Latin

Reid and Jennifer Liebhaber

Janis and Eric Mortensen

Laurie and Cesar Orosco

Kate Phillips

Donald and Susan Roberts

Mark and Lisa Rosenthal

Jenese and Paul Sieben

Amy and Sumanth Sukumar

Leslie Tong and Hong Hua

Eyob Woldselasie

Perry Wu and Sandra Sullivan

Feng Xue and Rong Jun Chen

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