Tribute Gifts

Inspired by the accomplishments and milestones of students, teachers, staff,
volunteers or grandchildren, these Tribute Gifts were made to our Endowment.

Listings are by school year that the tribute gift was given.

Thank you to all who have chosen this special, enduring way of giving. 


2021 - 2022


2020 - 2021

  • In appreciation for two of my favorite teachers at BIS from 1993-1996, Mrs. Greenlee and Mrs. Schauer

  • In Honor Of Liz Anderson | 2020-21 BCE President, On Behalf of Her Years of Service to BCE & Our School Community

  • In Honor of Highly-Revered Burlingame Teacher, Natalie Delahunt, M.Ed., for her longtime service and Outstanding Leadership on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on behalf of our Burlingame students and community

  • In honor of Pam Scott, In Gratitude for Your Years of Service to Burlingame's Students

  • Thanks Ms. Hundley For A Great Year!

  • In honor of the Special Education and Mental Health Teams That Support Us Thru 2021!

We have made every effort to list each name correctly, and we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact with any questions or corrections. Again, we extend our sincere gratitude to all our donors for their continued support of the BCE Endowment Fund.

Thank you to our Business Sponsors!

THE ENDOWMENT: Investing for the Future

To provide a source of permanent financial stability to BCE’s annual grant to the Burlingame School District that will meet the needs of future generations of public school students for years to come.  


Our great public schools are a key reason that Burlingame is such a desirable place to live. Our schools contribute to strong property values, local businesses, and a vibrant community.