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Shantel Weinsheimer

VP Site Directors

Shantel Weinsheimer and her husband Grant made Burlingame their home after a six-year stint in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having already spent a few years living in San Francisco prior to moving abroad, they decided to make their way back to the Bay Area in 2018.

Having her children attend school in Scandinavia gave Shantel a huge appreciation for what it means to have a well-rounded education. “While we lived abroad my children experienced the joys of an education system that included a variety of programs that were offered to every student, and went above and beyond the core curriculum,” said Shantel. “I serve on the BCE Board now to ensure that all of our students receive the education they deserve.”

The busy working mom of three kids, Maya, a Sophomore at BHS, Finn, a 5th grader at Roosevelt, and Liam a 2nd grader at Roosevelt, spends her days as an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, in the Center for Cerebrovascular Research. In addition to being BCE VP site directors, she is also an active volunteer with the Roosevelt PTA.

In her spare time, this Otterbein University alum enjoys photography and writing.

Be sure to say hello to Shantel when you see her on campus!

Shantel Weinsheimer
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