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Melody Valdez

Washington Site Director

Melody Valdez understands what it’s like to receive an excellent education. The Bay Area native was lucky enough to grow up in Burlingame and attend the very school for which she will now be BCE’s Site Director - Washington Elementary. She also went on to be a student at BIS, followed by BHS.

Melody’s personal connection to the Burlingame School District is what ultimately led her to accept a position with the BCE Board of Directors.”As a parent I now understand

how privileged we are to have so much participation and generosity from the entire community,” she said. “I’m excited to be part of an organization that will help apply that generosity in a manner that will allow our schools to continue to thrive.”

As a busy parent of Ernesto, a second grader, and Marcos, starting TK this year, Melody has enjoyed being a stay at home mom while working in retail management, and most recently, working as a facilitator and transcriber for the Redwood City Public Library. Additionally, she is a proud supporter of “Dreamers Roadmap,” an organization serving the Latinx community whose mission is to help students find scholarship opportunities for higher education, as well as to deliver food and supplies to farm workers in Northern California. Melody and her family have been intricately involved with the “Supplies for Farm Workers” branch, visiting farms and delivering basic food, toiletries, PPE, and school supplies for families in need.

In her spare time, Melody and her husband Carlos enjoy finding new places for their kids to learn about and ride trains. She also enjoys listening to hip hop music, gardening, and dancing, something she loved very much as a young girl. Fun fact: Melody was part of the first Mexican Folk Dance group that was formed for students at BHS!

Be sure to say hello to Melody when you see her around town!

Melody Valdez
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