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John Gieseker

BIS Site Director

San Francisco native John Gieseker originally made the move to the Peninsula out of a need to get out of the foggy Sunset District. When it came time to raise his own family, John had been around long enough to know that the Burlingame School District was the right place for his kids.

Over the years, John has enjoyed donating his time to various organizations around the Bay Area. His sentiment that “everyone should do their part” has led him to many interesting positions, including planning commissioner, PTA Board member, Realtor Association President, school district finance committee member, and now, BIS Site Director. “Our children's experiences, while they’re young, will have a tremendous impact on the rest of their lives. What we do as parents now to enhance those experiences will come back to us a hundredfold,” he said. “BCE plays a big part in maximizing our kids' potential by providing the Burlingame School District with funds that support programs and teachers that would otherwise not be possible. I am very happy to support this mission.”

The former SF State Gator and busy dad of three kids, Madeleine, a 7th grader at BIS, and two older children who have completed their formal education, spends his days working as a Real Estate Agent for Intero Real Estate Service. Prior to this, John worked in the aviation industry.

When John is not volunteering or working, you’ll find him looking for the next mountain to conquer. The avid hiker proudly reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is 19,341 feet, just shy of his 20,000 foot elevation bucket list goal. Additionally, John enjoys tennis, golf, and backpacking.

If you would like to join John's Site Team, please email him at:

Be sure to say hello when you see John around town!

John Gieseker
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