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Anthony Jones


Anthony and Sally moved to Burlingame in 2018 from San Francisco with two young children in

tow, Sage now in 3 rd grade and Logan now in kindergarten. They chose Burlingame for the

exceptional public schools and the closely knit, family first community.

As Anthony learned more and more about the funding challenges our schools face and the role

BCE plays overcoming those challenges, he felt compelled to do more to help and feels

fortunate he can serve as the BCE Treasurer.

Anthony is a New Jersey native, and he spent 6 years working New York City before relocating

to the Bay Area in 2004 to get his MBA and more importantly, meet his future wife, Sally.

Anthony has spent his entire post business school career at Morgan Stanley where he is now a

Managing Director in the San Francisco office.

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys tennis, golf, skiing and watching Buffalo Bills games. He also

loves helping his Sage and Logan get in touch with their New Jersey roots by bringing them back

to the Jersey Shore every summer and driving them around in his Corvette.

Be sure to say hello to Anthony or AJ as he is often call if you see him around town.

Anthony Jones
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