Burlingame School District has the


per-student spending levels in

San Mateo County.


Our Children Need Your Help!


They deserve an enriched, well-rounded education that is greater than what public funding alone can provide.


Every gift of any size matters because when all our contributions are pooled together it makes a powerful difference in our children's daily school experience.

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BCE Granted $2.41 Million to Burlingame Schools in 2020 - Thanks to You!

The BCE grant to our school district each year

helps keep important programs and staffing in place, and offers the opportunity for deeper investment in key areas: 

The pandemic has brought a multitude of challenges on all fronts; a little extra support is just what's needed.

Mental Health Support for teachers and families

Distance Learning

Training and Support

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Innovation Teaching and Learning

Math and science curriculum support 

Music and choral program for TK-8th grades, and the BIS musical

Credentialed PE Specialists offer consistent physical activity and  promote a healthy lifestyle

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Academic Enrichment

Middle School Musical


4th-5th grade classroom aides allow more one on one attention for students

Library specialists allow our kids to get the most from library resources

TK-3rd class sizes are capped

at a 24-student average per school


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Health and Safety Supports to provide extra help during these challenging times

Literacy and Comprehension Materials


Enhanced Learning

Excellence in Teaching


$2.41 Million

BCE Grant

Public funding is not enough to provide the kind of public education our children deserve.   BCE helps to fill that gap.


Still wonder why California schools need education foundations like BCE?  Watch our new video to learn more and see the impact your donations have on every school and every student, every day:



Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) 

If you still think of the arts as a "nice to have" and not a "must have", think again.  Arts integration is increasingly linked to across the board achievement and retention increases, and found to have tremendous importance in the kinds of skills needed for the future:

2020 BCE Grant:

CA funding for education ranks 38th in the nation, which is why BCE works hard every year to fill the gap in state funding and provide Burlingame School District with much needed incremental funds.  This year's Grant Letter to see, dollar for dollar, how this year's grant will be spent in our schools is found below.