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Why Donate


We asked you to share the reasons why you support our schools through BCE...

Our children's education is the top priority for us, so having a top notch school system is SO IMPORTANT!

To support the community and schools in Burlingame, for the benefit of all children and their futures.

We believe education is the only real way to help our kids realize their full potential and propel humanity positively to the next generation.

To help support the exceptional teachers.

Without BCE, our kids, our schools and Burlingame all suffer. “Do what you can with what you have.”

I always tell families that are new to our school (and BSD in general) that it's a public school that feels like a private school not only because the community is so strong but because of all the resources that are available to our children that are largely unavailable in the public school system. Those resources come from Burlingame families via BCE. So my kids get to go to their neighborhood school (with all the other kids on the block with whom they'll grow up) and thrive there. And that is really special.

Because through the Amity intern program, we are fostering diversity with language and culture in Burlingame.

My daughter loves art.

I believe in public schools but they are severely underfunded. Smaller teacher student ratios and the music program are so important for all students.

My husband and I worked very hard for BCE and the education of all children in Burlingame. BCE played a pivotal role in our daughters' lives. (they're now 37 and 34). I want to continue that impact on behalf of my late husband and my daughters and their families.

To enrich learning for all students.

I love the dedicated passion of our teachers!

My husband and I support BCE because we recognize the power of a community foundation through our own experiences in WV, and we have three grandchildren who are receiving their education in the Burlingame public school system, and we realize that public school systems nationwide are critically underfunded.

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