VP Marketing Sari McConnell Inspired by the “We” in BCE

Sari McConnell, BCE Vice President of Marketing.

Sari McConnell, BCE Vice President of Marketing

As the Vice President of Marketing for BCE, Sari McConnell leads a diverse team of writers, photographers, graphic designers, website and tech experts, social media and marketing aficionados, who influence a great deal of what you see and learn about BCE in our community. This year, we are particularly pleased with the BCE annual report, which was mailed out earlier than ever before to acknowledge 2014-15 annual campaign donors whose donations are benefiting our kids right now. Watch your mailbox for your copy, which should be arriving soon.

“What always impresses me about the annual report is seeing how many people are donating to BCE,” Sari said. “It’s pages and pages of family names, and over 300 business who made our record-breaking $1,795,000 grant possible. We’re lucky to have a great organization like BCE that converts this community’s values into reality – ensuring that Burlingame kids have the best education possible.”

So why Burlingame?

We’ve lived in Burlingame for seven years now. When we moved from New York, we did a lot of research about moving into a good public school system. We liked Burlingame because not only did they have a good public school system for the lower grades, but we would be able to keep our kids in great public schools all the way through high school.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

When we moved to Burlingame I was working full time, but trying to find opportunities to be involved with my kids education. I was involved in the PTA for several years. Then a dedicated band of us at Roosevelt got together to create the Bike Warrior Challenge which is now run by the district to promote bike skills and safety. Those volunteer experiences were especially meaningful not only for their positive impact, but by the quality of the people I was meeting and the great feeling of “community” I felt for the first time. My neighbor was instrumental in getting me involved with BCE. It was easy to say yes and get involved. To have such a big impact is really rewarding…the $1.795 million grant kind of blows my mind.

I love how BCE is truly our organization. It’s not some distant institution. Every parent, every student, every donor is part of BCE. I cannot say enough how phenomenal the people are in this community, enabling BCE to function at such a high level.

What makes your school special?

I have a 7th grader at BIS. The leadership there is fantastic. The principal really gets middle schoolers, and has created an environment my son really thrives in. There’s something for everyone at the school, which gives kids the opportunity to explore different things and be successful in a safe environment.

I also have a 4th grader at Roosevelt, which is a great school community and the teachers can’t be beat. It’s a small school with a big heart, and awesome diversity. My preschooler can’t wait to go there. 

What three words would your kids use to describe you?

“We are BCE!”  My kids now have these words in their hearts. It makes me feel so good.