BCE Volunteer Corps


BCE is largely run by parent volunteers who dedicate their talents and time in so many different ways — as project managers, designers, database systems experts, professional services gurus, relationship builders, party throwers, data entry managers – just to name a few – to make the BCE grant a reality for our schools.

The BCE Volunteer Corps is comprised of 100+ volunteers who provide year-round support and input to our fundraising mission. BCE also relies on an additional 100+ volunteers who provide vital day-of support to our events. It couldn’t be done without you.


Interested in joining our volunteer corps? Learn more here.

BCE Volunteer Corps 2019-2020…and growing!

Jaime Abdila

Kerry Adams

Gauri Agerwal (Kelekar)

Amy Bachrodt

Jen Beerle

Jen Beser

Tricia Betts

Allison Bluestein

Anna Brady

Jennifer Buhl

Samantha Burri

Karla Cahue

Marilo Calabuig

Petra Campos

Michelle Cao

Davina Chall

Eric Chan

Jennifer Chan

Carrie Chen

Debbie Christal

Byung Chuong

Penny Crespo

Deva Dalporto

Gena Dalziel

Jen Danskine

Tawny Darling

Mary Enriquez

Megan Farrell

Nathalie Fellner

Evie Felton

Marni Fligel

Christina Funk

Ingrid Gauthier

Christina Geheran

Megan Germack

Stacy Glick


Sheena Gomez

Amy Grenier

Marica Grskovic

Christine Gutknecht

Felynn Haberecht

Jessie Heng

Anya Ho

Bethany Hollrah

Isako Hoshino

Andrea Hutchinson

Erica Jackson

Mike Jarrett

Judith Kashyap

Tia Kelly-Mandell

Stacy Kim

Gretchen Kindberg

Betsy Kitchens

Alana Kleinerman

Nicole Koblis

Catherine Kwei-Szeto

Kevin Lafferty

Manisha Lakhanpal

Carolina Lanuza

Jeannette Laxague

Errica Lee

David Levitt

Heba Levitt

Erica Liang

Brooke Lierman

Jennifer Lin

Melissa Lin

Manisha Loonawat

Sari McConnell

Nancy Miller

Sean Moran

Lisa Mudd

Laurie Mun

Marria Nazif

Gaby Nejasmich

Alix O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien

Akemi Ooka

Nora Park

Karen Pellett

Iliana Perez

Fabiola Price

Corrie Punter

Carole Ren

Donielle Reynolds

Michelle Roberts

Jana Rubin

Melinda Saunders

Katie Schuler Herstein

Alex Schuman

Meghan Scimeca

Yvonne Shen

Varinia Siefker

Sarah Simson

Shelby Sinha

Chinar Starck

Nicole Szafranski

Ann Townsager

Phuong Tran

Kathy Tsai

Jennifer Vancini

Dannielle Weil

Stefanie Wen

Jennifer Wong

Winnie Wong

Jingbo Xie


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