The BCE Basics

Sari McConnell, BCE Vice President of Marketing

Sari McConnell, BCE           Vice President of Marketing

Thank you to all of you who have already sent in your fall pledge to let us know what you plan to contribute to BCE this year. Your pledge allows Burlingame School District to better budget for next year’s programs and staff, and gives you the opportunity to fulfill your pledge during any of the fundraising events throughout the school year. 

Here are a few more things to know about how BCE works:

1. BCE is the primary fundraising vehicle for parents and community members to help provide an excellent education for TK-8th grade students in Burlingame School District. 

2. BCE’s grant provides flexible funding, not earmarked funding, to the district budget so that it can be applied where needed. That’s why the list of what BCE funds can change year to year.

Thanks to last year’s annual campaign, this year’s record-breaking grant of $1.795 million from BCE will fund teacher salaries to help keep class sizes low, teacher professional development, district math and science coaching/specialists, TK-8th grade comprehensive music program, BIS drama productions, credentialed PE specialists, library specialists, grade 4 & 5 classroom instructional aides, and all NEW: an integrated art program, a technology integration specialist, and a partnership with UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. 

3. BCE encourages communication between Superintendent Dr. Maggie MacIsaac and parent donors regarding priorities funded on a year-to-year basis. 

4. BCE seeks 100% family participation. And our grant impacts 100% of TK-8th grade students in BSD.

5. The BCE grant helps smooth over the unpredictable state funding cycle, helping to ensure consistent school quality and staffing over time.

6. Donors who pledge in the fall (and pay later) provide administrators with vital time to make the best plan for these resources for the following school year.  

Have questions? Please contact your BCE school site director. We want to hear from you!

–Sari McConnell, Vice President of Marketing, BCE BOD (BIS, Roosevelt, preschool)