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Cindy Wu

VP Events

Cindy Wu made the move to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 2006. After having her first child, she and her husband Ed decided it was time to move to the suburbs and knew that a good public school district was an important factor in choosing a home. They settled on a house in 2013 and never looked back.

Since moving to Burlingame, Cindy’s busy days have always included being involved in the community. To build a support group for herself as a new mother, Cindy joined the Burlingame Mothers Club and served on the board for seven years. Joining the BCE Board of Directors has brought similar joy to Cindy as she builds friendships and helps support new families. “What I love about BCE is that it similarly rallies like-minded families together behind the goal of supporting our local schools and community,” she said. “I want to continue contributing where I can to our schools, our teachers, and to give our children the most that our schools can offer, when fully resourced.”

In addition to being BCE’s new VP of Events, Cindy works in food marketing for Hatcheri Foods, developing flavorful products and making them available for sale in grocery stores like Whole Foods and Costco. She is also the mom to two energetic boys, Ryan a 5th grader and Colin a 3rd grader, both at Hoover.

The University of Pennsylvania alum was born in Taiwan and has always had a love for languages. She is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese, and studied French and Japanese in college. When she’s not volunteering or working, Cindy enjoys cooking, eating and perfecting her sourdough bread recipe. She counterbalances her food intake by hiking, biking, and power walking through the neighborhood. With the right music, you might even see her dancing on your street.

Be sure to say hello to Cindy when you see her in the neighborhood or over Zoom!

Cindy Wu
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