The Big BCE Check

bce-scholar-circle-page-image-big-checkCan you imagine your child’s school without a librarian, music teacher or a math specialist?

We’re still delighting in the news that this year these programs and others will be maintained for Burlingame schools and that technology programs and art programs will become standard for our schools as well. The result? A richer, more rounded education for all our kids.

This past fiscal year (2014-2015) the BCE Annual Campaign raised a record-breaking $1,795,000 grant for Burlingame School District (BSD) for use during this academic year – presented to BSD on September 8th. We’ve come far since total donations first hit the $1m mark in 2012.

Once again, BCE Scholars Circle donors were instrumental in last fiscal year’s fundraising.
The whopping $1.795m total will support BSD implement and maintain the programs across our 5 elementary schools and middle school, keeping keep class sizes as low as possible, teacher professional development, instructional aides and the middle school musical to name just a few more.

It’s yet another indication of just how committed our parents are to supporting an excellent public school education for their children. Together with BSD we’re planning to maintain these new standards for next school year as well and raise the bar – introducing even greater learning opportunities for students with the new district technology specialist and an integrated visual and performing arts curriculum (VAPA).

Having kicked off this year’s annual campaign, we’re emphasising the pledge. Specifically, we’re asking parents to pledge now by December 31st (and pay later) so that BCE and BSD can effectively forecast spending and plan for next school year and hit the ground running in 2016, without wasting a moment. We hope you’ll consider beginning the academic year with a pledge to BCE.

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