BCE Dinner Dance and Auction 2016

bce-scholar-circle-page-image-dd2016Save the Date for an 80s Upscale Adult Prom

Have you ever wanted to go back and redo your prom night? Did you miss that high school milestone all together? Here’s a chance to do it all over with good wine and good music instead of awkward photos or curfews. Book that appointment for an up do, find that perfect dress or get fitted for a tux at men’s warehouse because BCE is taking you to the prom on Saturday 16th April, 2016 for its annual BCE Dinner Dance and Auction.

Not only will it give you the chance to catch up with your current day school friends in old skool style, you’ll tear up the dance floor to cult cover band “Tainted Love – The Best of the 80’s Live”.

So block out Saturday April 16th, 2016 in your calendars for a BCE Dinner Dance and Auction that will go down in history.

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