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Meet Kathy Kleinbaum, BIS Site Director

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Born and raised in New York City, BIS Site Director Kathy Kleinbaum knew she couldn’t return to New York after getting a taste of our Bay Area weather while attending college. The self-proclaimed “suburban soccer mom” has loved every minute of living in Burlingame and being part of the close-knit community. “I always pictured myself as a city girl, so I lived in San Francisco for many years,” said Kathy. “But once my twins were in kindergarten, I didn’t want to deal with the school lottery system in San Francisco.”

When asked why she decided to join the BCE Board of Directors, Kathy explained that her busy schedule has often left her wanting to be more connected. “I wanted an opportunity to be more involved and get to know parents from other elementary schools in Burlingame,” she said. “BCE is super important to us since it provides funding for important enrichment activities to help round out our kids’ education.”

In addition to being a busy mom to seventh graders Leah and Riley, Kathy serves as the assistant city manager of the City of San Mateo, running the day-to-day operations of the city and taking on special projects helping to address unexpected things that come up.

In her downtime, Kathy enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and swimming in lakes and rivers. She also will look for any excuse to whip up a sweet treat and wishes local bake sales would return!

Be sure to say hello to Kathy when you see her around town or on Zoom!

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