Meet Jen Faber, President Elect

For Jen Faber, her love of Burlingame came in three parts: the beautiful trees, the climate and the schools. Jen, and her husband Fred, moved to Burlingame from Laguna Niguel just two years ago.

When asked why she chose to take on the important role of BCE President Elect, Jen explained, “I love physical education, music, and small class sizes. I feel strongly that public school students deserve a well-rounded education, and these things all help in providing that.”

The mother of three boys, Dominic (first grader), Peter (third grader) and Dylan (fifth grader), currently stays busy (by being a mother of three boys!) and occasionally tutoring high school freshman and sophomores in biology and chemistry. Prior to working as a tutor, she worked for DePuy Orthopedics.

In her spare time, the Rhode Island native enjoys running, cycling, swimming, skiing and chatting. She is looking forward to the day she can connect with families in person again.

Be sure to say hello to Jen around town or via Zoom!

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