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Meet Christine Gutknecht, VP Site Directors

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Originally from Los Angeles, Christine Gutknecht made the move to the Bay Area for the Haas School of Business graduate program at UC Berkeley. Christine and her husband, Wes, were eventually lured to Burlingame by the sense of community, beautiful weather, proximity to San Francisco, and the public schools.

Although Christine knew of Burlingame’s reputation for its excellent public schools, it wasn’t until her oldest started at McKinley that she learned of the insufficient public school funding from the state. “I was disappointed to hear of California’s poor state funding,” she said. “I immediately understood the importance of raising awareness of BCE and the amazing things the organization does for our K-8 Burlingame public school students.”

Christine, who is mom to fourth grader Will, second grader Dan, and preschooler Lani, spent most of her professional career working for Old Navy in inventory management where she managed the planning team that is responsible for the financial and inventory plans of

In her spare time, Christine enjoys cooking, baking, eating out, and vacations in Hawaii.

Be sure to say hello to Christine when you see her around town or on Zoom.

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