Meet BCE President Craig Darling

A recent walk through the halls of Franklin Elementary while waiting for his daughter to finish softball practice brought back memories for Craig Darling when he was a young Franklin Falcon student, sitting on the picnic benches eating lunch, and taking music lessons from the one and only Mrs. Prater. “As a parent of two young kids, it brings me great joy to see my kids competing on the same fields, creating lifelong friendships with classmates, and receiving instruction from teachers who inspired my love for the Trumpet,” said Craig.

Craig’s decision to return to Burlingame after over a decade in San Francisco was an easy one. According to Craig, Burlingame is “the kind of town that you dream you can come back to.” And not just for him, but for several of his childhood friends who also have kids in the district.

“Anyone who is a product of the Burlingame School District has high standards for the education that their own kids should receive,” explained Craig. “Unfortunately, the current state funding environment makes it very challenging for our district to meet our high educational standards and address the needs of each student. That is why BCE’s role is so critical and the reason I’m proud to step into the role of President.”

When the busy dad of Lincoln Lions, Nate (4th) and Julia (2nd) is not leading the 18-member BCE Board, Craig spends his time working in the biotechnology space, helping to commercialize novel products to cure disease.

On his days off, the Lehigh University alum enjoys cycling, running and spending time with Nate, Julia, and wife Tawny.

Be sure to say hello to Craig when you see him on campus or on Zoom!

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