Meet BCE Executive Director, Angela Dubovsky

A former Georgia peach, Angela and her family relocated from the east coast to the Bay Area in 2011 settling on Burlingame because of the amazing schools. Angela first joined BCE as President-elect in 2014 after serving as Franklin PTA President for two years. After her three-year term on the BCE Board of Directors, she joined the BCE staff full time using her fundraising expertise to continue to serve the BCE mission.

Angela grew up in an underprivileged household and was the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college, so she takes the BCE mission and how it enhances the value of our public schools personally. Angela shares,

“I believe every child deserves a rich and inspiring education despite their circumstances. Inadequate state funding infuriates me; how can such an economically robust state place so little value on our youngest, voiceless citizens and their future? Education is foundational and a great equalizer and I’m constantly inspired by this community and how they make our shared grant a reality year after year.”

Angela is the mother of three boys, former Franklin Falcons and BIS Trojans and her husband David works at Genentech. Angela enjoys spending time with her family traveling, playing board games and watching movies. She also enjoys dog playdates with her only girl, a husky named Rey.

Angela is always up for a conversation about fundraising and supporting our schools so reach out anytime!

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