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Endowment Fund Receives Largest Donations in BCE History

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Many BSD Families Rally Behind Endowment Fund

Kit Fitzgerald | November 2021


We’re pleased to announce that the BCE Endowment Fund has passed the $820,000 mark and is on track to reach its $2 million goal. This progress was made possible by all of the committed Burlingame families who contributed to this fund. Two families — Sari & Blake McConnell and Jennifer Vancini & Ray Kruck — made an especially generous donation of over $100,000 each. These donations represent the largest donations ever made to BCE.

We’d also like to call attention to families like Deborah & Robert Hirth and Deepak & Zeryn Sarpangal for their dedication to building the BCE Endowment Fund.

“Six years ago, we made a meaningful donation to BCE with the request that it be used to start an endowment fund. We wanted our gift to not only benefit current BSD students, but the many deserving generations to come.”

In 2015, one of our honored families, Deborah & Robert Hirth, requested BCE create an endowment fund to bring stability and longevity to our fundraising efforts. In an endowment fund, your contribution is invested in perpetuity to generate incremental income. This funding approach is permanent and self-sustaining, so donations made today will continue to support and build the BSD community forever.

“Our family contributed to the endowment fund to help advance the significant and favorable impact it could have on the local community’s education -- both now as well as for years to come.”

Since then, several donors stepped up as Endowment Trustees including Angela Dubovsky, Marni Fligel, Matt Potter, Kimberly Rosales, Betsy Rosen and Cyndi Wright along with Sari McConnell and Ray Kruck to rally the community around this fund. In only a couple of years, they have helped mainly BSD alumni families channel their contributions toward building BSD’s legacy. Likewise, current Burlingame School Board member Deepak Sarpangal has supported and contributed to the endowment fund.

“Our schools are at the heart of our community and we need to invest in their long-term success to ensure the success of Burlingame as a whole. We feel it's a moral obligation to sustain our schools for future generations, which is why we support the BCE Endowment Fund."
- Ray Kruck & Jennifer Vancini

These founding families have shown incredible devotion to BSD’s legacy, and we are happy to honor them today and every day.

“We hope our meaningful commitment to the BCE Endowment inspires others to join us. The BCE Endowment is an incredibly powerful gift we can collectively give to the Burlingame community, and it feels great to be part of making it happen."

If these families have inspired you, you can donate any amount or join BCE’s Founder’s Circle to create a secure, bright future for Burlingame’s education. There are several ways you can contribute to the Fund, including multi-year-pledges, stock donations, or donor-advised funds (DAF), and of course credit card. Visit for more ways to support the BSD.

Donate today and help us reach our endowment fund goal of $2 million. Help us create secure resources for Burlingame School District’s future generations.

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