It’s Not Tinder…But It’s a Match You Won’t Regret


Linda Shaffer, BCE Treasurer

Corporate matching is often one of the most overlooked opportunities for donors to increase their charitable giving without any out of pocket costs. Many employers, large and small, offer to match their employees charitable donations to eligible nonprofits, effectively increasing your donation by the amount of the match. Typically employers will match donations one-to-one, creating a win-win for everyone!

To make a corporate match to BCE

Each corporate program is a bit different, but in general you will submit the request for the match through your company directly once you have made the donation to BCE (or other nonprofit). The typical process is:

1) Make your donation to BCE.

2) Get the corporate matching form or website information from your HR or benefits department.

3) If required, your company will send information to us on how BCE can verify the donation. We will complete the form for you and send it back to your employer.

4) BCE will confirm the corporate match was received by sending you an email receipt.

Check with your employer to find out if this benefit is available to you. We’ve put together a list of known corporate matching programs to get you started.

If you have any questions on your specific program, feel free to reach out to We have a great team of volunteers, including Kim Pitzer and Byung Choung, who would be happy to talk with you.

— Linda Shaffer, BCE Treasurer

About Linda

You’ll see Linda walking to BIS with her two middle schoolers, Nate (6th grade) and Julianne (8th grade), her husband Dave and their very friendly cavalier puppy Snickers. She feels lucky to be part of the Burlingame community, and able to serve as our BCE Treasurer.