Get to Know Your New Roosevelt Site Director, Katie Ward

Katie Ward_Roosevelt Site Director

Katie Ward, Roosevelt Site Director

Katie Ward is stepping into the role of the new Site Director at Roosevelt this month and joining the BCE Board of Directors. She has a third grader at Roosevelt and twins who are 13 months old.

Thanks to Kristen Schwager who has been serving tirelessly on the Board of Directors as Roosevelt Site Director since last year and is about to move out of state.

So it’s time to get to know you, Katie!

So why Burlingame?

We moved to Burlingame five years ago when our daughter was in her last year of preschool for job opportunities. We did a lot of research about the Bay Area, and as we were talking to friends of friends, Burlingame kept coming up. When we came here and drove around – it was spring, everything was green, it was quaint and beautiful – we knew we wanted to be here. We were renting at the time, but what made us stay here is the amazing community.

The schools were a huge draw for us. For my husband in particular it was critically important for our kids to go to public schools. I believe the schools really do have the best interest of the child at heart. And I love how we’re able to connect with the schools through the broader community organization of BCE.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

My background is in fundraising. When I came here, BCE stood out as a really critical organization in the community. I got involved with BCE in different roles, working on the BCE Read-a-thon, and fundraising and business development for the BCE Dinner Dance & Auction. I’ve been on Kristen’s site team at Roosevelt. She’s done a tremendous job and built an amazing team, so it’s been a fairly easy transition stepping into the Site Director role.

What makes your school special?

As a smaller school, Roosevelt is a really tight knit community. Burlingame is such a wonderfully diverse community and Roosevelt pulls from all of that. My daughter has really good friends who come from different countries and speak different languages, which is pretty remarkable in such a small community, and a really special opportunity.

What three words do your children use to describe you?

For my twins – it’s just mama, mama, mama! But for my daughter, she would say kind and loving. Probably a little silly, too.

Kristen Schwager, outgoing Roosevelt Site Director and BCE Board Member

Editor’s Note:  We will miss Kristen here, but wish her nothing but the best as she relocates out of state.  Thank you for your dedication, Kristen!