Get to Know Your Lincoln Site Director, Katie Herstein

Katie Herstein, Lincoln     Site Director

Katie is jumping right in with her BCE involvement, starting as Lincoln Site Director this school year. She has a son in 3rd grade and a daughter in 1st grade at Lincoln.

So why Burlingame?

We had been living in San Francisco, and then moved to London for three years. When we were looking to move back to the US in 2008, our son was a year old. We spent a whole week looking for houses in the City, and felt overwhelmed thinking about how we were going to carry groceries and a baby up flights of stairs, park our car and all the stuff that comes with living in San Francisco with a baby. My former roommate in San Francisco had moved to Burlingame and suggested we check it out. So we looked for houses for a day here and decided this was the right move long term, especially since the schools are so good. I had never even been to Burlingame before we started looking for a house here!

Why did you become involved with BCE?

I wanted to get involved because it’s such an important cause. Lincoln is a strong BCE school because former BCE President Emily Beach is a Lincoln parent and I was inspired by the work my predecessor Cathy Guglielmi did to rally and educate Lincoln families about BCE.

What makes your school special?

Lincoln has a great community, a lot of very involved parents, and strong support for public schools. Also thanks in part to BCE, we have a fantastic staff that includes an amazing PE teacher, Mrs. Rossi, and wonderful music teacher, Mrs. Prater (just to name a few I hear the kids raving about).

What three words do your children use to describe you?

Fun, busy, snuggly.

–Ann Townsager, Roosevelt parent