BCE Fundraising Gala

BCE’s Adventure in Wonderland Fundraising Gala and Annual Auction were a mad success!

Sold out for the 5th consecutive year with over 350 supporters, the evening was an amazing success because of our Burlingame community! Guests climbed down the rabbit hole with an evening of cocktails, games, dinner, dancing and an exciting live auction. We are thrilled to announce that this year’s live auction, including the Fund-a-Dream donation opportunity, raised more than $280,000! Enjoy this year’s Fund-a-Dream video! Check out the incredible photos of the evening right HERE!

And in other BCE news, our first Annual Auction, open online to the entire Burlingame community, closed last Sunday with incredible participation raising over $130,000!

THANKS to the generosity of local businesses, community members, Gala attendees, sponsors, donors, volunteers and bidders who supported BCE’s Fundraising Gala and Annual Auction!

Fundraising Gala Live Auction and Annual Auction Item(s) Pick-Up Details

If you won an item in BCE’s Annual Auction OR BCE’s Fundraising Gala’s Live Auction, congratulations! Most packages will have electronic certificates that can be emailed to the auction winner. If you’ve purchased a package that requires a physical item(s) to be picked up, we ask that you come to one of the following clearing room dates at the BCE office, 353 Beach Road, Burlingame:

  • Thursday, May 3 from 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 10 from 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding the pick up of your winning package, please email Amy Johnstone, BCE Administrative Assistant, at admin@bcefoundation.org. BCE will hold unclaimed auction items for 60 days or the end of the school year, whichever comes later. After this date, unclaimed items may be re-auctioned to the next highest bidder.

A BIG thank you goes to our large team of volunteers who worked this entire school year to bring the event to life:

BCE VP Events: Kate Reed
Gala Chair: Heather Luftman
Live Auction Co-Chairs: Greg Mand & Molly St. Clair

Production Assistants:  Patricia Espinosa, Zerlina Hayes
Graphic Design Chair: Phuong Tran
Marketing Chair: Kim Doren
Registration Chair: Karen Lynch
Day-Of Event Manager: Errica Lee
Volunteer Coordinator: Felynn Haberecht
Wine Coordinator Co-Chairs: Erica Carmel, Gene Podkaminer

Writer, Director, Actress: Deva Dalporto
Producer: Penny Crespo
Camera: Aaron Fagerstrom
Production Support: Heather Luftman, Sari McConnell, Katie Millington, Kate Reed, Kendra Wehmeyer
Prop Support: Penny Crespo, Ingrid Gauthier, Amy Johnstone
BSD Administration: Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Gaby Hellier, Marla Silversmith,
Bruce Duncan
BSD Teachers: Michelle Brillon, Elaine Chan, Nathalie Fellner, Karen Gemmer, Rebekah Lane, Tracy Mo, Stacey Weyer, Kyoko Yamamoto
BSD Students: Arushi Banfa, Oscar Bill, Bindy Brillon, Amelie Dalporto,
Ariya Deshpande, Mia Espinosa, Astrid Gauthier, Ruby Gemmer, Scarlett Gemmer Lilli Haggerty, Mika Haggarty, Cole Hardtke,
Desmond Lane, Ari Lee, Lexie Levitt, Juliana Lund, Ricky Lund,
Jeremiah Mo, Cayce Ng, Mia Rempel, Sasha Rossen, Dylan Soler,
Gwyneth Thacker, Ren Tsunehara, Luciano Vitale, Grant Weyer.

Auction – Live Auction Co-Chairs: Greg Mand, Molly St.Clair
Auction – Online Co-Chairs: Liz Anderson, Jamie Burton
Auction – Intake and Clearing: Amy Johnstone
Auction – IT Co-Chairs: Kevin Lafferty, Arvind Raghavan
Creative Writers: Katherine Fehervari, Alix O’Brien, Ann Townsager,
Cindy Wong-Zarahn
Greater Giving Data Chair: Felicia Ng
Greater Giving Data Entry Team: Meredith Dunn, Erica Jackson
Party Coordinator: Amy Johnstone, Amanda Virani
Physical and Virtual Packaging: Amy Johnstone, Sanchita Shetty
Program Coordinator/Editor: Liz Anderson
Program Graphic Designer: Karla Cahue
Auctioneer: Ben Gonzales

Burlingame Intermediate School Representative: Olabisi Clinton
Franklin Auction Representative: Victoria Terry
Hoover Auction Representatives: Ariane Trimuschat, Amanda Virani, Carolyn Way
Lincoln Auction Representatives: Jennifer Carroll, Jaqueline Haggarty, Sandra Maher, Fabiola Price
McKinley Auction Representatives: Liz Anderson, Chandra Lund, Greg Mand, Gaby Nejasmich
Roosevelt Auction Representatives: Gena Dalziel, Ashley Mohan, Kate Reed, Michelle Roberts
Washington Auction Representatives: Margaret Burke, Jennifer Danskine

BUSINESS SOLICITATION TEAM: Jennifer Colvin, Jeff DeMartini, Judy Gum, Liane Louie-Badua, Chris Sandell, Quynh Trinh

Night of Event Volunteers: Errica Lee, Zerlina Chang, Anna Soler, Jessica Marr, Amna Mahmood, Karen Lynch, Linda Wolin, Jenny Coleman, Kevin Lafferty, Arvind Raghavan, Deepika Ahuja, Jen Danskine, Kim Doren, Rachel LaFonteese, Deborah Peri, Maya Ruiz-Scofield, Tyson Scofield, Amanda Verani, Betsy Kitchens, Gianlucca Biccari, Elliott Margulies, Olivia Canniffe, Tina Jang, Jessica Sobolik


BCE would also like to thank our sponsors of the 2018 Fundraising Gala. Their generous contributions are essential to this event and to BCE’s overall success!

Title Sponsor

Principal Sponsor

Scholar Sponsors


Supporting Sponsors





Last year’s BCE “A Fire and Ice Gala” was an unforgettable evening as the community came together to dine, dance and celebrate in support of all TK-8th grade Burlingame public schools!  Thank you to those who attended and supported the 2017 BCE Dinner Dance and Auction. Check out the incredible photos of the evening right HERE!

2017 BCE Dinner Dance and Auction