BCE Endowment Council Presents:
Financial Literacy for Middleschoolers
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Financial Literacy can be defined as the ability to process economic information and make informed decisions about financial planning, wealth accumulation, debt, and retirement. Three key components of financial literacy are knowledge & understanding, behavior, and attitudes & confidence.
BCE Endowment Council hosts an interactive online event series exclusively for
Burlingame students in 6th - 8th grade and their families. ​
Recordings available below;
stay tuned for details on future programs in fall 2021.

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(note the period at the beginning of the passcode)

Program Focus: 
  • How Money Works

  • Saving, Spending, and Budgeting

  • How Banks Work 

Passcode: K?&Z4ld$

 BuildYourStax game

Program Focus: 
  • Investing money

  • Types of investment accounts

  • How compound interest works

  • Risks versus reward

Thank You to our Business Partners for helping
to make these programs possible! 
A strong foundation of financial literacy provides support for a variety of lifelong goals such as saving for retirement, using debt responsibly, and running a business.
The goal of the BCE Endowment Fund is to be a permanent, self-sustaining fund. The principal is invested and all or part of the earnings are used to help support the costs of Burlingame School District programs and goals in a given year. 

THE ENDOWMENT: Investing for the Future

To provide a source of permanent financial stability to BCE’s annual grant to the Burlingame School District that will meet the needs of future generations of public school students for years to come.  


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