BCE Nominating Committee Gearing Up

The BCE Nominating Committee is comprised of representatives from each of the Burlingame schools, and is empowered with the task of filling any vacant BCE board and key advisory board positions for the upcoming school year.

The process begins in February by identifying the positions that will be open (typically only half the board in any given year) and informally interviewing all of the potential candidates from our highly educated and qualified pool of parent volunteers.

Once the slate is filled, candidates are presented to the current BCE board for approval at the annual meeting on April 21, 2016. The new board begins its term at the start of BCE’s fiscal year on July 1st. 

This year’s Nominating Committee members are:

  • Michele Harbin, Chair
  • Marni Fligel, Franklin
  • Terese Piazza Fuss, Hoover
  • Carolyn and Ken Way, Hoover/Lincoln, BIS
  • Cristina Valadez, Lincoln
  • Richard Moran, McKinley
  • Euni Kwon, Roosevelt
  • Erica Rishel, Washington
  • Cathy Guglielmi, BIS
  • Angela Dubovsky, BCE President
Michele Hentrich Harbin, BCE Secretary and Nominating Committee Chair.

Michele Hentrich Harbin, BCE Secretary and Nominating Committee Chair.

Our community is filled with excellent parent volunteers, and we hope you will consider joining either the BCE Board of Directors or the Advisory Board. Come be part of the excitement! For more information, see the call for volunteers or email Michele Hentrich Harbin at secretary@bcefoundation.org.

— Michele Hentrich Harbin, BCE Secretary and Chair of the BCE Nominating Committee

About Michele

Michele has a background as a commercial real estate and viticulture lawyer. She has one student at Washington and twins entering kindergarten there next year.