BCE Grant
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The BCE Grant provides additional funding that powers our schools to offer a well-rounded education to our students.
California state funding is not enough to cover the cost of the education our students deserve, making the dollars generated by our community so critical.  Giving to BCE locally ensures funds stay in our community and benefit our schools.

Our annual campaign fundraising goal is to raise as many flexible dollars as possible for our students.  After our fiscal year closes on June 30, BCE then presents these funds to the Burlingame School District in the form of a grant which becomes part of the upcoming school budget to support all TK-8th grade students in the school district. This means that every July 1, our annual campaign begins again at zero.  Our children deserve the best possible education we can give them, so the BCE campaign relies on families to give generously year after year.

Help us meet our annual goal by contributing today.


We have raised $2,508,000 towards our $2,650,000 annual goal this school year!

We have $142k to go!!

We are thankful for all donors who have contributed to our mission.