BCE Buys Happiness

My third grader recently discovered the Land of Stories books, and she loves them. She’s been choosing to read instead of doing almost anything else just because she can’t wait to find out what happens next. As a parent (and a writer) it’s been exciting to see her embrace reading. Until the other day, when I actually caught myself telling her she had to stop reading – there were other things that needed to get done. Just last year, I would have never thought I’d have to threaten to take away her books!


Reading The Land of Stories

Needless to say, she’s excited about this year’s BCE Read-a-thon and recording all of the minutes she’s been reading. The prizes are a bonus. But when we talked about asking the grandparents to sponsor her as a reader and donate money to BCE, she wasn’t exactly sure what it was for.

“Well, why do we donate money to BCE?” I asked her.

“For the schools,” she said.

“But what does the money buy?” I asked.

“Happiness!” my five-year-old piped up.

I laughed, but there is some truth to that statement. When we donate to BCE, we’re supporting the people and programs in our schools that enrich our children’s education. But that’s the parent’s perspective. From the kid’s perspective, it’s things like music, library, art, and technology (all of which are funded in part by BCE donations) that make their days at school fun.

So, to make sure the grandparents knew why they should sponsor her as a reader and donate to BCE, we wrote them an email. Feel free to use this as a template that your student can share with their friends and family as they ask for sponsors this week during the BCE Read-a-thon.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

This week is the BCE Read-a-thon. I love the Land of Stories books and I’m going to read a lot! Would you consider sponsoring me as a reader and donating to the Burlingame Community Education Foundation? The deadline is February 3. You can write a check to BCE or donate online.

BCE pays for lots of great things at my school like our music program, gym teacher and art. Thanks for helping support my school!