FAQ — BCE Apple Toss Challenge

Tell Your Story

What is the BCE Apple Toss Challenge?

Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the BCE Apple Toss Challenge is a virtual, rather than physical, campaign. Individuals can submit their photo and share their story about why they love their school and community. Each entry will become a part of an interactive mosaic in the form of  the BCE Apple, which will grow over time as as more people participate.  Each participant taking the Challenge will then be asked to ‘toss the BCE Apple’ to another friend by nominating them to participate. This nomination will generate an email alerting that friend that they’ve been nominated and encourage their participation.  By then submitting their own story and photo to the BCE Apple, they will be ‘catching the BCE Apple’ and then ‘tossing it’ to whomever they then nominate.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is part of our Burlingame school community.  This includes parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, neighbors and extended family who care about Burlingame schools.

What kind of story should I tell?

It’s quite simple really – just let us know why you love our schools and community. Need ideas? Answer one of these questions:
“I love my school because…”
“I am grateful for…”
“My child’s favorite part of the school day is…”
“I knew my community was special when…”

What if I want to make an edit to my story after I submit it?

Send your request to appletoss@burlingamefoundation.org

What kind of photo should I use?

You can submit a photo of your family, or kids at school, artwork your kids have produced – really anything that makes you feel good about our schools. Some things to consider: You must have the right to share the image. For privacy purposes, we strongly encourage that you use images with your own family members. Feel free to browse what others have done to get inspiration.

How will my story or photo be used by BCE?

The BCE Foundation will publish your image and story on www.bcefoundation.org and may also share it on one of BCE’s social media platforms. Your image may also become part of a photographic mosaic used in BCE’s communication materials.

Who should I nominate to be part of the BCE Apple Toss Challenge?

You can nominate anyone who is part of our school community that you would like to see be part of the BCE Apple. This can be a current or past BSD parent, teacher or administrator.

How many people can I nominate?

You can nominate as many people as you want.

What is the BCE Apple Mosaic?

This is where we are going to bring all the individual stories together in a visual way, each image contributing to final BCE apple, like little pieces of a mosaic. You will be able to visit the BCE Apple on our website and see the ever changing BCE Apple filled with people’s stories and photos. It’s going to be amazing.

How long will it take for my story to appear on the Apple?

It may take several days, although in many cases it will be published sooner.

How often will the Apple Mosaic be updated?

The mosaic will be updated every few days.

How long will BCE Apple Toss Challenge go on?

The BCE Apple Toss Challenge will be open as long as it takes to fill the Apple mosaic.

Where can I ask any further questions?

Please send your question to appletoss@burlingamefoundation.org and we will respond as soon as we can.