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BURLINGAME, Calif., May 23, 2019 – Burlingame Community for Education Foundation (BCE) is pleased to announce that it has awarded the 2019 BCE Distinguished Service Award to three couples -- Liz and Cristos Goodrow, Jenese and Paul Sieben and Sarah and Karl Wiley. Their exemplary volunteer service, leadership, and commitment to BCE’s mission as they exit Burlingame School District as a family upon this year’s graduation is recognized with this award.


Selecting this year’s recipients, from a long list of BSD exiting families, was particularly difficult as the organization has accumulated many incredibly deserving volunteers who have supported BCE over a sustained period of time. Liz Goodrow, Jenese Sieben, and Sarah Wiley have served on the BCE Board of Directors, and they along with their spouses have supported the organization through volunteer service and financial support over the years for the benefit of all schools in the Burlingame School District.


BCE’s mission, providing Burlingame School District (BSD) with financial resources to create a rich and inspiring education for our children beyond what is possible with public funds, is accomplished within a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is almost entirely staffed by volunteer workforce including a 17-member Board of Directors and more than 100 Volunteer Corps and day-of-event volunteers.


“The success of our organization to raise money every year for our public schools has everything to do with the number of dedicated and talented parents who volunteer their time on behalf of BCE. This year’s recipients are particularly committed to ensuring that our Burlingame public schools have the means to provide all our children with an excellent education. It is with great pleasure that we recognize them in a nod to all our hard-working volunteers, for their dedication to our mission”, says current BCE President Sari McConnell.


Award recipients will be honored in early November at a special public event. Details will be publicized in the fall.


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