2016 BCE Dinner Dance and Auction



BCE “A Totally Awesome Prom Night” Dinner Dance and Auction was a totally rad success!

The hottest ticket in Burlingame was the BCE Dinner Dance and Auction this year, with 497 supporters buying tickets at record speed to the totally sold out BCE Totally Awesome Prom Night. The evening was an amazing success because of our Burlingame community!  Guests brought their prom glam with big hair, sparkly attire and their best dance moves to renowned 80’s cover band, Tainted Love.  

It was especially exciting to see the large number of attendees raise their paddles to support Burlingame School District in a big way during the live auction and Fund-A-Need portions of the evening.  One of the many highlights was the raising of more than $320,000 in just ten minutes during BCE Fund-A-Need!

BCE estimates total net revenue from the BCE Dinner Dance and its associated auctions to exceed $500,000 for BCE Foundation and the students of Burlingame School District.

THANK YOU to the donors and sponsors who supported BCE’s annual Dinner Dance and Auction in the form of cash and in-kind donations, and all of the dedicated volunteers who made it happen!  On behalf of the TK-8th grade students of Burlingame School District who directly benefit from your generosity, we thank you.

Check out the incredible prom photos and videos of the evening right HERE

A BIG thank you goes to our large team of volunteers led by a core group of chair leaders who worked this entire school year to bring the event to life.  

Please thank these wonderful volunteers as you see them in town or around school.

Dinner Dance Team CHAIRS: Fabiola Price (Auction Chair), Kate Reed (Dinner Dance Chair), Kim Cannon Doren (Marketing Chair), Phuong Tran (Graphic Design Chair), Anne Marie Soler (Production Assistant), Mina Cima (Registration Chair), Karen Lynch (Seating Chair), Erica Carmel and Eugene Podkaminer (Wine Coordinator Co-Chairs).

Volunteer Team:  Felynn Haberecht (Volunteer Coordinator), Wendy Stephens (“Night of” Volunteer Coordinator)

Fund-A-Need Team:
 Anna Clevenger, Cam Daly, Angela Dubovsky, Sari McConnell, Fabiola Price, Kate Reed, Gaird Schlezinger, Wendy Stephens, Ann Townsager

Marketing Team:  Ann Townsager, Amanda Rogowski, Liane Louie-Badua, Anne Marie Soler, Abby Edling, Sophia Chiang, Katyana Cook, Jennifer Colvin, Kellie Kemp.  

Auction Team:   Lindsay Wilson (Live Auction Chair), Molly St. Clair (Silent Auction Chair), Stacy Nawrocki (Online Auction Chair), Arvind Raghavan, Amy Johnstone, Jim Wunderlich (Auction Clearing Co-Chairs), Ian Milne and Kevin Lafferty (Auction Clearing Room), Alix O’Brien, Jessica Lawson, Cristina Valadez (Creative Writers), Felicia Ng (Greater Giving Data Chair), Erica Jackson, Meredith Dunn, Sanchita Shetty, Monique Redmond (Greater Giving Data Entry Team), Dori Chan, Kyong Yi (Physical and Virtual Packaging Co-Chairs), Liz Anderson (Program Coordinator/Editor), Karla Cahue (Graphic Design Program).

Auction – Site Teams:  Tania Forrest (Franklin Auction Rep), Ingrid Gauthier (Lincoln Auction Rep), Judy Gum (McKinley Auction Rep), Kristin Flenniken (Roosevelt Auction Rep), Joe Benaglia, Ann Marie Soler, Jason Georgatos (Washington Auction Reps)

Business Solicitation Team: Quynh Trinh and Noah Cohen (Business Solicitation Chairs), Jeff DeMartini, Jason Georgatos, Paola Lancellotti, Judy Gum, Lara McDonald, Jennifer Viguerie, June Hee (Business Solicitation Team), Emily Brady (Sponsorship Solicitation Chair), Alison Powell, Lorne Abramson, Sarah Wiley, Annette Doherty, Chris Sandell, Joelle Kauffman (Sponsorship Solicitation), Sonal Gopalla (Real Estate Agent Program Chair), Alix O’Brien (Business Development Marketing Chair).

Program Delivery Coordinator: Jen Liebhaber

Other event volunteers:

Errica Lee, Abby Edling, Arvetta Nelson, Claire Cintel, Sonal Gopal, Laura Parker, Penny Crespo, Matt Edling, Mike Reed, Irene Motoviloff, David Rosenstein, Tiffany Liu, Michelle Bueno, Preeti Lal, Kim Doren, Ivona Rosenstein, Janet Lavine, Rachael Clarke, Miguelina Hernandez, Mena Noemy, Betsy Kitchens, Monique Redman, Phuong Tran, Kara Gardner, Sandra Barrolaza, Chino Baluyut, Chris Mion, Brigitte Garcia, Wendy Stephens, Jonathan Brady, Roxanne Brady, Deepika Ahuja, Maria Martinez, Mark Noworoiski, Sue Noworoiski, Kali Taylor, Nancy Fraser, Karen Lyons, Amy Hofmann, Janelle Del Rosso, Mike Dybbs, Carol Palacio, Jenny Coleman, Linda Wolin, Lisa Pineda, Christi Casazza, Kelly Mulready, Evan McCulloch, Olivia Canniffe, Ruchi Sharma, Gigi Francis, Jennifer Inouye, Annette Doherty, Natasha Price-Lopez, Anne Ingram, Kara Gardner, Peter Stevenson, Jessica Sobolik Willey, Perry Mizota, Jill Goldsmith, Mari Freitas, Don Freitas.

The Burlingame Community Education Foundation would also like to thank our sponsors of the 2016 Dinner Dance and Auction. Their generous contributions are essential to this event and to BCE’s overall success.

Title Sponsor:


Principal Sponsors:

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Scholar Sponsors:

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Supporting Sponsors:

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Contributing Sponsors:
Councilmember Emily Beach
Alten Construction

Burlingame Education Association
TRG Architects
Dreiling Terrones Architecture, Inc.
Alain Pinel Realtors, Burlingame
Boston Private Bank & Trust
The Garland Company

Beals Martin, Inc.
Safeway, Inc.