Welcome New BCE Board Members

We are proud to present the BCE Board for the 2017/18 school year:

  • Sari McConnell, President
  • Amanda Virani, Secretary*
  • Jenese Sieben, Treasurer
  • Jeff DiMartini, VP Business Development*
  • Kate Reed, VP Events*
  • Jennifer Kulin, VP Marketing
  • Kendra Wehmeyer, VP Scholars Circle
  • Marni Fligel, VP Site Directors**
  • Malinda Pauly, BIS Site Director
  • Victoria Terry, Franklin Site Director*
  • Carolyn Way, Hoover Site Director
  • Lisa Mudd, Lincoln Site Director*
  • Liz Anderson, McKinley Site Director*
  • Kristin Flenniken, Roosevelt Site Director
  • Margaret Burke, Washington Site Director
  • Bethany Hollrah, VP New Families*

* Indicates new to the BCE Board.

** Indicates individual previously held a different BCE Board position.

 A BIG thank you to the nominating committee for their hard work and dedication during the nominating process.

Nominating committee members: Joe Benaglia (BIS), Bethany Hollrah (Franklin), Rachel Goodrich (Lincoln), Jennifer Kulin (McKinley), Sari McConnell (Roosevelt), Sean Moran (Washington), Michele Harbin (Washington), Terese Fuss (Hoover)

2017-18 BCE Board of Directors