Welcome Back to School!

This is an exciting time of year for our community as we reunite after a summer full of family, friends, and fun. I had an amazing summer with my family, but the enthusiasm of a fresh start and a new adventure is contagious. A renewed focus on home, school, and community serves to remind me of our shared values and how they unite us into the amazing tight-knit community we are.   

Our excellent Burlingame schools are proof of our shared value placed on public education.  We are fortunate to have an established, mature education foundation to serve as a vehicle for us to act collectively. This is Burlingame Community for Education Foundation’s 35th anniversary, and I am honored to be serving as BCE’s new volunteer president.

Special thanks to our talented team of 200+ volunteers who dedicate so much time to keep our foundation running strong. I also want to thank our generous donors and Burlingame business partners who made possible this year’s record-breaking $1,795,000 grant to Burlingame School District (BSD). Our annual grant provides flexible resources to help BSD create a rich and inspiring education for all transitional kindergarten through 8th grade students. Public funding is not enough, and this community rises to the occasion every year.

California places 46th in the nation in education funding per student, so Burlingame’s strong public schools do not happen by accident. Quite the opposite. And as we head back to school, I feel so fortunate that our school district can rely on funding from BCE Foundation. For 35 years, BCE has been the fundraising vehicle that empowers our community to help our school district deliver the kind of public education our children deserve.

Every district family is a stakeholder in our mission, so we ask every family to donate as generously as possible on behalf of your child’s education and all families who share the same dreams for their children. Every dollar counts.

I encourage you to learn more about BCE at www.bcefoundation.org where you can get the facts on our mission and how our grant makes a powerful impact on your child’s education. There are many BCE experts at your child’s school. Talk with our team members about BCE, many of whom are parents you already know. Our volunteers make the work fun, and our children keep us inspired.

On behalf of BCE’s Board of Directors, welcome back to school! Cheers to an unforgettable year and another record-breaking annual campaign for our children.

Angela Dubovsky__president

Angela Dubovsky, President, BCE Foundation and BIS and Franklin parent.

P.S. See you at the Burlingame Spirit Run for BCE on Monday, September 7th! And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook “BCE – It Takes a Town” for the inside scoop on our school community.