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Hello BCE Scholars Circle members,

The beginning of a school year is an exciting time. I know there’s a lot going on with new school projects, activities and events, which is why I was happy to see many of you at the recent Scholars Circle event at All Natural Stone (be sure to check out the photos from the event in this Scoop).

For those of you who couldn’t be there, I’m thrilled to let you know this year BCE has granted $1.9 million to Burlingame School District to support and sustain essential programs and staff, like a technology specialist, a math coach, visual and performing arts program, library and media services, and science enrichment.

I wanted to share with you a recent article from the San Mateo Daily Journal titled, “Creativity required to retain top teachers…” in which Dr. Maggie MacIsaac and BSD are featured.

I’m so happy that the flexible funding provided by our BCE grant can afford our district leadership the resources needed to take an innovative approach to attracting and retaining the best teachers for our Burlingame classrooms, even in the current teacher shortage that is leaving other local districts with unfilled openings. Our current $1.9 million grant is directly helping fund teacher professional development this year, but because our flexible funding can be used for other essential programs, it allows our district to redeploy their dollars in inventive ways such as signing bonuses that keep amazing teachers in Burlingame schools.

As a generous Scholars Circle donor, you have played a critical role in raising the funding we need to keep our schools great. On behalf of our kids, who will have additional resources this year because of your generosity, thank you 1.9 million times!

Warm regards,

Angela Dubovsky
President, BCE Foundation


Give in the Fall Y’all


We’re excited to announce that fall giving is a new focus for BCE. This year, we’re asking donors to give in the fall when possible rather than waiting for spring events. Here’s why you should donate now:

District leaders will have time to plan for the upcoming year, including time to hire new staff.
We’ll have time to collect corporate matching funds, which take time to process.
The Silicon Valley Gives program is canceled this year, so there’s no reason to wait until spring.
We can redeploy valuable volunteer resources to focus on securing new donors.
Fall donors will be recognized throughout the year, including at the BCE Dinner Dance & Auction, to inspire others to invest in our schools.

Because they realize what an impact early giving can have on our grant, Burlingame School District trustee and parent, Florence Wong and her husband Andrew, plan to move their significant Superintendent-level donation to fall this year rather than waiting to raise their paddle at the BCE Dinner Dance and Auction in April.

“My family believes that every child in Burlingame should have access to a high quality public education. BCE has been vital to achieving and maintaining this goal,” said Florence. “We heard the call to donate our full annual gift earlier and are happy to be one of the first Scholars Circle donors to do so. As a member of the BSD School Board and a district parent, I know receiving funds sooner allows the school district to plan for the forthcoming school year at a more advantageous point in time for hiring new staff. Please join me in donating before January 15th to keep our Burlingame schools great.”

Please join Florence and Andrew and make your donation at your earliest opportunity. With your help, we can reach historic giving levels by January 15, 2017 and empower BSD to better plan programs for the following academic year. Thank you for your support!



Measure M – Excellent Burlingame Schools

Burlingame School District provides an exceptional education for our students. But many school facilities are outdated and are in serious need of repair.

Measure M would provide dedicated, locally controlled funding to ensure that our students have the safe, modern classrooms they need to reach their full potential. The $56 million bond will be used to begin work on the BSD facilities master plan. The BCE board has endorsed Measure M as it represents a key component that impacts our children’s education. While BCE’s grant helps fund many essential programs and staff, Measure M will fund essential repairs and upgrades to school facilities.

Measure M will fund the following:
– Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to classrooms.
– Access for students with disabilities.
– Removal of lead and asbestos.
– Fixing leaking roofs.
– Updates to bring facilities in compliance with current earthquake, fire and safety codes.
– Single point of entry gates at all schools.
– Upgrades to science, technology and engineering labs to meet 21st century standards.

Every penny stays in Burlingame:
– All money raised will be locally controlled to support local schools and cannot be taken away by the state.
– Independent citizen oversight and annual audits are required.
– No money can be used for administrator salaries.

While some of our schools have been renovated recently, others have not, and all our students deserve equal access to safe and up-to-date classrooms. Join us in voting Yes on M — modern Burlingame schools equipped for 21st-century student success.




Meet Kendra Wehmeyer, VP Scholars Circle

This fall, Kendra Wehmeyer started her two-year term as VP Scholars Circle. She and her husband Rob have a 5th grader at Lincoln Elementary. Kendra has been involved with BCE for many years, most recently as a Scholars Circle representative and New Family representative on the Lincoln site team.

“BCE is important to our family because it gives our son so many opportunities for learning he otherwise wouldn’t have. The money and talent BCE provides not only makes our schools great but also continues to bring amazing families to our community. We are so lucky for all the tangible and intangible things BCE gives. ” Kendra said.

“We plan to donate early this year as part of the Give in the Fall Y’all campaign and hope to be able to raise our donation this year. We are proud to be part of Scholars Circle because we believe Scholars Circle donors are our most informed and important donors. I consider all of us the best ambassadors for BCE, so let’s go tell everyone to donate this fall!”


BCE celebrates our $1.9 million grant
BCE, with the generous support of All Natural Stone, hosted their annual Scholars Circle fall reception on Friday, September 16, 2016. The event was well attended and featured a brief program highlighting integrated technology by BSD’s technology specialist, Ashley Sullivan. Check out some of the photos that captured the unique and inspirational atmosphere of the evening.