Thank You to Outgoing Board Members

We’d like to thank the outgoing board members who have finished their terms on the BCE board for their service, especially Jen Liebhaber, who has served on the BCE board for the past five years. These hard working board members have made significant contributions of their time, talent and personal resources to BCE, and have helped make Burlingame public schools better for our community. Even though they are stepping down from the BCE board, many of them will continue to to support BCE teams in the upcoming school year.

Jen Liebhaber

Jen Liebhaber is the outgoing VP Site Directors, and led the site directors at each Burlingame school on local outreach efforts. Prior to that role, she was the Franklin Site Director.



Katie Ward

Katie Ward is the outgoing Roosevelt Site Director and has led the charge with donor engagement during BCE events and Silicon Valley Gives Day. She will be stepping up next year in the role as Fall Campaign Chair, a newly created role.

Katie Ward_Roosevelt Site Director


Betsy Rosen

Betsy Rosen is the outgoing BIS Site Director, continuing to actively engage long-time donors to BCE,  while engaging new donors with her school tour initiatives. She has also been involved in the BCE Scholars Circle.

DSC_7025 (1)


Delyn Simons

Delyn Simons is the outgoing Washington Site Director. Using analytics and unbridled enthusiasm to engage donors, she has been a big advocate for public school funding through BCE.



Lara MacDonald

Lara MacDonald is the outgoing VP Scholars Circle, and has been volunteering in the local community and in Burlingame schools for 10 years.