Thank You for Making BCE Read-a-thon a Success!

This year, our children read an amazing 959,579 minutes in one week, and helped to raise funds in support of BCE. All contributions collected by BCE benefit the educational experience of all TK-8 Burlingame School District students. 

Thank you to our awesome BCE Read-a-thon volunteer team, teachers, principals and librarians with whom this event would not be possible!


  • Read Reps: Sara Wong and Betsy Rosen
  • Volunteers: Manny Navarro, Julie Kraus, BIS Student Council


  • Read Rep: Manisha Loonawat
  • Volunteers: Kathryn Wong, Jeannette Laxague, Miho Matias, Nipa Badhwar, Marni Fligel, Angela Dubovsky, Mike Dybbs, Alex O’Brien, Melissa Bender, Jenese Sieben, Shan Hou, Betsy Kitchens


  • Read Reps: Sherri Jarret and Sara Frazer
  • Volunteers: John Healy, Irene Motovilof


  • Read Reps: Emily Brady and Keeley Wettan
  • Volunteers: Gretchen Kindberg, Julia Correll, Dalit Lewis, Marria Nazif


  • Read Reps: Elizabeth Anderson and Darci Rosenblum
  • Volunteers: Hildur Carlen, Hamta Podesta, Kasey Schuh, Angela Bennett, Kim Doren, Alex Galanter, Kristie Cairns


  • Read Reps:  Erika and Kevin Kelly
  • Volunteers: Justin Angelos , Jennifer Vancini, Sharon Dotson


  • Read Reps: Cami Erickson and Amy Flanzer
  • Volunteers: Farimah Erlandson, Delyn  Simons, The Hurin Family, Joscelyn Voegli, Nora Kiewlich, Anne Beringer, Teresa Wall-Cyb, Margaret Burke, Julie Eastman, Jane Stevenson, Rebekah Lane

BCE Read-a-thon Team

  • Chair: Amanda Virani 
  • Volunteers: Fabiola Price, Quynh Trinh, Jennifer Kulin, Jennifer Colvin, Alix O’brien, Winnie Wong, Mike Jarret, Karla Cahue


Thank you to our sponsors: TextureBurlingamerMaverick Jack’sThe Studio ShopBooks Inc. and Five Little Monkeys for their generous support.