Meet Fabiola Price, VP Events

BCE’s VP of Events, Fabiola Price, has her own event planning business, and started volunteering with BCE as the chair of the BCE Dinner Dance and Auction three years ago. Fabiola and her team of volunteers are busy gearing up for this year’s event, A Totally Awesome Prom Night. Tickets are on sale now!


Fabiola Price, VP Events.

So why Burlingame?

I moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles for a public relations job during the dot-com boom. The company I was working for went out of business, but I had met my future husband and decided to stay in San Francisco. After we got married, we started looking for a house. I wanted to be close to the city, and our real estate agent (who lived in Burlingame) talked us into Burlingame. He sold us on the great schools, and we loved the downtown.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

When my oldest was in kindergarten at Lincoln, I heard Emily Beach (former BCE President) talk at a back to school night and I was so inspired. I came away thinking, “I need to be involved in this!”

I wanted to do something where I felt like I was making a difference. Because I do event planning as my job, I felt I could really make an impact chairing the BCE Dinner Dance and Auction because it’s such a major fundraiser for BCE. Even though I’d been working in event planning, I’d never worked with a nonprofit before, and it was definitely a learning curve. But it’s also been so rewarding, which is why I’m still involved.

Sometimes I think there’s a misconception that events run themselves, and that’s not true. We need an army of people, and every role is important. If you love the programs your kids have in school, that’s not by chance. The reason we have those programs is because of the donations, but it’s also because of the volunteers who make the events happen.

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean taking hours and hours out of your day. It could mean helping out on the day of the event — just a few hours really helps. Anyone who wants to volunteer can contact our volunteer coordinator at

What makes your school special?

I have a kindergartener and third grader at Lincoln. I love our principal and the way she brings the school together. She knows everyone’s name. I feel like we have a great network of people who want to help. The parent involvement is amazing!

What three words do your children use to describe you?

Busy, happy and late. We’ve got so much going on, it seems like we’re always running late!