Measure M – Excellent Burlingame Schools

Burlingame School District provides an exceptional education for our students. But many school facilities are outdated and are in serious need of repair.

Measure M would provide dedicated, locally controlled funding to ensure that our students have the safe, modern classrooms they need to reach their full potential. The $56 million bond will be used to begin work on the BSD facilities master plan.  The BCE board has endorsed Measure M as it represents a key component that impacts our children’s education. While BCE’s grant helps fund many essential programs and staff, Measure M will fund essential repairs and upgrades to school facilities.

Measure M will fund the following:

  • Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to classrooms.
  • Access for students with disabilities.
  • Removal of lead and asbestos.
  • Fixing leaking roofs.
  • Updates to bring facilities in compliance with current earthquake, fire and safety codes.
  • Single point of entry gates at all schools.
  • Upgrades to science, technology and engineering labs to meet 21st century standards.

Measure M has also been endorsed by the San Mateo Daily Journal. The campaign to pass Measure M is in full swing and your help is needed.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Thank you for your time, energy and support in spreading the word.