Making an Impact With BCE Scholars Circle


Lara McDonald, Vice President Scholars Circle

The BCE Scholars Circle recognizes donors who are philanthropically committed to supporting an excellent education for all students in Burlingame School District. By contributing $2,500 or more a year, Scholars Circle donors have the opportunity to impact all students in the district more significantly. This is especially important given that our district has a significant population of low income families who send their children to our public schools.

Donors at the Scholars Circle level are provided with opportunities to participate in events throughout the school year that may include opportunities to hear presentations on various educational topics from school district leaders, including the superintendent. These events also enable donors to interact with other Scholars Circle members. Also new this year, all donors receive a newsletter, The Scoop, which includes topics pertaining to educational programming in the district and current educational issues that may be on the radar in the state or even nationally.

I have been volunteering in the local community and for the Burlingame schools the past 10 years. One of the reasons I joined the BCE Board was to show my appreciation for all the district has given my children (and all the children in Burlingame) in terms of an excellent, well-rounded education.  What I enjoy most about my Scholars Circle role is meeting so many other families in the district who are as passionate as my husband and I are about ensuring our children receive the highest quality public education as possible.

In addition, there is an entire team of people dedicated to outreach to the Scholars Circle donor community. Every school has at least one parent volunteer assigned in the role of Scholars Circle Site Representative. To learn more about the Scholars Circle, please reach out to your school’s site representative.

  • BIS: Alice Chang, Cathy Guglielmi and Kathy Turner
  • Franklin: Bethany Hollrah, Jana Rubin and Courtney Tong
  • Lincoln: Ajanta Horan, Margherita Soule, Sandra Sullivan and Kendra Wehmeyer
  • McKinley: David Aufhauser
  • Roosevelt: Nicole Armstrong and Heba Levitt
  • Washington: Sheila Jambekar and Erica Rishel

— Lara McDonald, Vice President Scholars Circle