Get to Know Your BIS Site Director, Betsy Rosen

BIS Site Director Betsy Rosen (BIS, BHS)

BIS Site Director
Betsy Rosen (BIS, BHS)

One of the reasons Betsy Rosen and her family moved to Burlingame and became involved with BCE as a Site Director was her belief in the value of public schools. Betsy’s  daughter is a 6th grader at BIS and her son attended BIS a few years ago. 

So why Burlingame?

We moved here five years ago from Arkansas when my son was in 5th grade and my daughter was in 1st grade. We have some close friends who moved here before us, and said the Burlingame schools are great, so we concentrated our house search on Burlingame. For us, we love being close to the city, going on hikes, touring museums and going to restaurants. Burlingame is a terrific community— the people are friendly, we have the Avenue, its beautiful, and the neighborhoods are unique.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

We came from a well-funded school district in Arkansas with small class sizes, full-time librarians, recess monitors, art teachers and other specialists. At the time we took that for granted. When we moved here, I didnt realize how little California spends per child on education. We, as a community, need to make up the difference for what the state isnt funding. It’s important to me that my children and all the children in the BSD receive a well-rounded, quality education. Living in California I have a new appreciation for what it takes our community, both financially and in volunteer hours, to ensure our children receive the top-notch education they deserve and that our teachers receive the support they need in order to provide that education.

Prior to attending BIS, my children were students at Washington Elementary. I was active in the PTA, served on Site Council, and functioned as the BCE Scholars Circle Representative. Scholars Circle represents donors that contribute $2,500 or more annually to BCE.

One of my goals as BIS Site Director is to keep our parents at BIS committed to BCE. Every donation made and volunteer hour given to BCE makes a difference and is appreciated. I’m a firm believer in the BCE tag line, “We are BCE. Together we build better Burlingame Schools.”

I donate money and  put my time into BCE for several reasons. The BCE grant funds programs my husband I care about including teacher professional development, a librarian at BIS, credentialed P.E. teachers, our district math coach, and the new partnership program with the UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science. We also enjoy the concerts from our student musicians and the annual Spring musical at BIS.

What makes your school special?

I think we are fortunate that were in a school district where all the elementary schools converge to one middle school. We have strength in numbers!

While BIS is a big school, our principal Pam Scott leads a team of teachers and staff who truly care about each student. It’s a physically and emotionally safe environment for students to be challenged, and to learn and grow academically and socially while having a lot of fun. I’m impressed with the teachers, their enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment.

What three words do your children use to describe you?

Compassionate, Kind, Supportive.

–Jennifer Colvin, Managing Editor