Fundraising Update

As this year comes to a close, we want to take a final moment to honor our dedicated teachers, staff, and coaches who taught and nurtured our children throughout this year, many of whom are made possible by our collective BCE funding.   


BCE President Angela Dubovsky.

 This Friday, June 17th marks the end of the school year. If you still intend to donate to our annual campaign, please make it a priority today so that your child will benefit from it in the coming year. Every student benefits enormously from our grant, so please know that your donation really matters. 

“We are BCE” celebrates both our sense of pride inside each school and our power as a community to make a difference for our children. The BCE grant helps our district leaders do more for every school site by providing additional teachers, programs, and professional development that create a rich and inspiring education for our students. 

Thank you for believing in BCE’s mission and volunteering, donating, and participating in events like Burlingame Spirit Run, BCE Read-a-thon, BCE Dinner Dance & Auction, or Silicon Valley Gives Day. During the quiet month of July, our volunteers will tally the final results of our annual campaign. We will be announcing our collective success at the Burlingame Spirit Run this year on September 5th, so please join us to celebrate!

We are working hard to sustain our existing programs with our grant next year. We are close but not there yet; as I write this letter, we are about $50K short of that goal. Your donation matters! And if you are truly inspired by our amazing schools, let’s help our district fund additional needs – a district-wide STEM Director and additional highly-trained lunchtime resources.

Tax-deductible donations by check or credit card must be postmarked or processed by Thursday, June 30th.  

“We are BCE.” We all share the value of great public education, and it simply couldn’t be done without you.  

Warm regards,

Angela Dubovsky