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Thank You for Making BCE Read-a-thon a Success!

This year, our children read an amazing 959,579 minutes in one week, and helped to raise funds in support of BCE. All contributions collected by BCE benefit the educational experience of all TK-8 Burlingame School District students. 

Thank you to our awesome BCE Read-a-thon volunteer team, teachers, principals and librarians with whom this event would not be possible!


  • Read Reps: Sara Wong and Betsy Rosen
  • Volunteers: Manny Navarro, Julie Kraus, BIS Student Council


  • Read Rep: Manisha Loonawat
  • Volunteers: Kathryn Wong, Jeannette Laxague, Miho Matias, Nipa Badhwar, Marni Fligel, Angela Dubovsky, Mike Dybbs, Alex O’Brien, Melissa Bender, Jenese Sieben, Shan Hou, Betsy Kitchens


  • Read Reps: Sherri Jarret and Sara Frazer
  • Volunteers: John Healy, Irene Motovilof


  • Read Reps: Emily Brady and Keeley Wettan
  • Volunteers: Gretchen Kindberg, Julia Correll, Dalit Lewis, Marria Nazif


  • Read Reps: Elizabeth Anderson and Darci Rosenblum
  • Volunteers: Hildur Carlen, Hamta Podesta, Kasey Schuh, Angela Bennett, Kim Doren, Alex Galanter, Kristie Cairns


  • Read Reps:  Erika and Kevin Kelly
  • Volunteers: Justin Angelos , Jennifer Vancini, Sharon Dotson


  • Read Reps: Cami Erickson and Amy Flanzer
  • Volunteers: Farimah Erlandson, Delyn  Simons, The Hurin Family, Joscelyn Voegli, Nora Kiewlich, Anne Beringer, Teresa Wall-Cyb, Margaret Burke, Julie Eastman, Jane Stevenson, Rebekah Lane

BCE Read-a-thon Team

  • Chair: Amanda Virani 
  • Volunteers: Fabiola Price, Quynh Trinh, Jennifer Kulin, Jennifer Colvin, Alix O’brien, Winnie Wong, Mike Jarret, Karla Cahue


Thank you to our sponsors: TextureBurlingamerMaverick Jack’sThe Studio ShopBooks Inc. and Five Little Monkeys for their generous support.



Rocket into Reading

The BCE Read-a-thon kicked off on Saturday, when students begin tracking their reading minutes for the week. Parents, use the online form to track the number of minutes your children read. Pledges can be made online, or donations can be made by check payable to BCE. The Read-a-thon envelopes and checks should be returned to the school by January 31.  

During the week, students compete for classroom and individual prizes for the most minutes read, including gift cards, drawings for an iPad Mini and more surprises provided by our sponsors: Texture, Burlingamer, Maverick Jack’s, The Studio Shop, Books Inc, and Five Little Monkeys.

In addition, Texture is offering all students and parents a one month free trial to their app with access to more than 200 magazines. 

On January 24, stock up on new books at a special shopping event at Books Inc. From 6:00-8:00 pm, Books Inc will donate 20% of all purchases to BCE.

Don’t forget to track your reading minutes this week, and have fun reading!


BCE Read-a-thon Results are In

BCERead_HP_AssetThe preliminary results from the BCE Read-a-thon are in! We’re happy to report that 2,243 kids across the district read 917,079 minutes in one week – a 25% increase over last year. And, our kids and volunteers raised more than $150,000 in donations and business sponsorships, a 14% increase over last year. Once the final count has been completed by our volunteers, we expect these numbers to go up even higher.

With 70% of all donations made online, and students tracking their minutes online this year, we were able to streamline our operations and make things easier for everyone.

Thank you to all of our readers, teachers, volunteers, parent sponsors and business sponsors for inspiring and supporting our kids!

Special thanks go to the BCE Read-a-thon Co-chairs, Sherri Jarrett and Amanda Virani, and all the other BCE Read-a-thon volunteers who made this event possible.

2016 BCE Read-a-thon volunteers


  • Sherri Jarrett
  • Amanda Virani


  • Rachel Goodrich, Read Rep
  • Daniella Kriner
  • Cathy Guglielmi
  • Allyson Trevor
  • Kendra Wehmeyer


  • Sherri Jarrett, Read Rep
  • Sara Fraser, Read Rep
  • Mike Jarrett
  • Jennifer Conway
  • Sonal Gopalia
  • Alix O’Brien
  • Irene Motoviloff
  • Jaehee Lee
  • Stephanie Thompson
  • Marni Fligel
  • Sade Carroll
  • Terese Piazza Fuss
  • Manisha Loonawat
  • John Healy
  • Mary Ann Waterman, School Admin


  • Karen Senffner, Read Rep
  • Hildur Carlen
  • Samia Shoman
  • Kathryn Der


  • Jennifer Vancini, Read Rep
  • Justin Angelos
  • Maria Yarmolinsky
  • Cam Daly
  • Madeleine Kruck
  • Kristin Dokoza
  • Jenny De Martini
  • Jason Edelman
  • Michelle McIIwain
  • Kristina Karandy-Welliver


  • Sara Wong, Read Rep
  • Betsy Rosen, Read Rep
  • Manny Navarro
  • Melanie Coleman
  • Debbie Gianni
  • Julie Kraus


  • Ruben Hurin, Read Rep
  • Michelle Hurin, Read Rep
  • Cami Erickson
  • Tina Chang
  • Erica Rishel

BCE Read-a-thon Team:

  • Fabiola Price
  • Quynh Trinh
  • Wendy Mendoza-McArdle
  • Ann Townsager
  • Amanda Rogowski
  • Liane Louie-Badua
  • Abby Edling
  • Jennifer Colvin

Thank you to our sponsors!

Leland Tea Co., Legarza Sports Camps, Books Inc., Mathnasium, Adventures in Writing, Burlingamer, United Health Credit Union, Broadway Tennis, Debbie Sharp, Aimee Klarich, The Sentence Center, SF Giants Camp, and Five Little Monkeys.



There’s Still Time to Sponsor a Reader

All of the schools saw lots of great participation in the BCE Read-a-thon this year. At Roosevelt, the kids were competing to be the top reader in their class every day and win a space explorer rubber duck. Four of the classes met the goal of 100% participation – way to go!


Kids at Roosevelt logged thousands of minutes for the BCE Read-a-thon.

Even though the kids have finished tracking their minutes for the BCE Read-a-thon, there’s still time to sponsor a reader. Donations can be made online, or placed in the BCE Read-a-thon envelope and returned to school by February 3. All donations are tax-deductible and will be counted as part of your annual contribution to BCE.

Thank you to our sponsors: Leland Tea Co., Legarza Sports Camps, Books Inc., Mathnasium, Adventures in Writing, Burlingamer, United Health Credit Union, Broadway Tennis, Debbie Sharp, Aimee Klarich, The Sentence Center, SF Giants Camp, and Five Little Monkeys.


Mary Poppins Pops in to Read at Washington

The BCE Read-a-thon is in full swing at Washington. It all started off with a great kick-off event at Books Inc. with our principal Mrs. Julie Eastman reading to eager listeners.

In order to get everyone even more excited about the BCE Read-a-thon, we tried something new this year: a “come to school dressed as your favorite storybook character” day. Rumor had it that our principal and teachers were going to participate…and they did! More than 100 students and teachers came to school dressed as storybook characters. Mrs. Eastman came as Mary Poppins and read to the entire school.

Dress Up2Remember to use the online minute tracker to track all minutes read through Friday, and sponsor a reader by February 3. We are eagerly waiting for the results of the total minutes read and donations collected for BCE!

— Ruben and Michelle Hurin, Washington BCE Read-a-thon Coordinators


BCE Buys Happiness

My third grader recently discovered the Land of Stories books, and she loves them. She’s been choosing to read instead of doing almost anything else just because she can’t wait to find out what happens next. As a parent (and a writer) it’s been exciting to see her embrace reading. Until the other day, when I actually caught myself telling her she had to stop reading – there were other things that needed to get done. Just last year, I would have never thought I’d have to threaten to take away her books!


Reading The Land of Stories

Needless to say, she’s excited about this year’s BCE Read-a-thon and recording all of the minutes she’s been reading. The prizes are a bonus. But when we talked about asking the grandparents to sponsor her as a reader and donate money to BCE, she wasn’t exactly sure what it was for.

“Well, why do we donate money to BCE?” I asked her.

“For the schools,” she said.

“But what does the money buy?” I asked.

“Happiness!” my five-year-old piped up.

I laughed, but there is some truth to that statement. When we donate to BCE, we’re supporting the people and programs in our schools that enrich our children’s education. But that’s the parent’s perspective. From the kid’s perspective, it’s things like music, library, art, and technology (all of which are funded in part by BCE donations) that make their days at school fun.

So, to make sure the grandparents knew why they should sponsor her as a reader and donate to BCE, we wrote them an email. Feel free to use this as a template that your student can share with their friends and family as they ask for sponsors this week during the BCE Read-a-thon.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

This week is the BCE Read-a-thon. I love the Land of Stories books and I’m going to read a lot! Would you consider sponsoring me as a reader and donating to the Burlingame Community Education Foundation? The deadline is February 3. You can write a check to BCE or donate online.

BCE pays for lots of great things at my school like our music program, gym teacher and art. Thanks for helping support my school!




Washington Elementary’s Continues Its Read-a-thon Tradition

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” ~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Sponsor a student now
Washington Elementary 5th graders letter to BCE

Washington Elementary 5th graders letter to BCE

As part of its BCE Read-a-thon tradition, Washington Elementary holds an annual Recycled Book Fair that not only increases the availability of high quality books to its students but also raises money for BCE! This year, 5th grade teacher, Brian McManus organized the recycled book fair and encouraged the entire school to turn in used books. His class then held a book fair during lunch and recess and sold all items for $1 or less, priced to give all kids access to lots of books to read. It was a roaring success; the class raised $320!  The class handed the check to BCE this week (their touching note is above).

Felicia Ng – BCE Administrative Staff

Washington Elementary kids reading!

Washington Elementary students, the Conways, getting into the spirit of Read-a-thon this year.