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School Is Now In Session: Do You Know Your Site Director?


It’s back to school again and your BCE Site Directors have been busily preparing for the fall season.  Your school’s site director is a wealth of information about what BCE is doing for your kids. Stop and say hello!


Malinda Pauly, BIS Site Director

Victoria Terry, Franklin Site Director

Carolyn Way, Hoover Site Director

Lisa Mudd, Lincoln Site Director

Liz Anderson, McKinley Site Director

Kristin Flenniken, Roosevelt Site Director

Margaret Burke, Washington Site Director



Get To Know McKinley Site Director Elizabeth Anderson

McKinley Site Director Elizabeth Anderson has a kindergartner and a third grader who attend McKinley Elementary School.  This year she begins her two-year term.

Why did you choose to live in Burlingame?

We chose to live in Burlingame because we wanted to be close to family and we were attracted to the vibrant downtown, the beautiful neighborhoods and of course the great schools!

Why did you become involved with BCE?

I became involved with BCE because I believe in its mission to enhance the Burlingame public schools. I believe all kids deserve a great public school education and I believe we have BCE to thank for that here in Burlingame.

What makes your school special?

McKinley is awesome! It is big, diverse, spirited and passionate. We are a tight-knit community despite our size. We are lucky to house the dual-immersion program and a TK class, which make our community even more interesting. I love seeing the kids run onto the yard everyday excited to learn with their friends.

What three words do your children use to describe you?

Funny, cuddly and sleepy!


Your BCE Representatives

Each school has a BCE site director who serves as a liaison between their school community and BCE. If you have questions about how BCE works, want to know more about the impact that BCE has at your school, or would like to get involved, this is the person to talk to.

Get to know your site directors:

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Get to Know Your McKinley Site Director, Hildur Carlen

Hildur Carlen, McKinley Site Director

Hildur Carlen, McKinley      Site Director

Even before getting involved with BCE, Hildur Carlen was passionate about funding for public schools. This fall, she started a two-year term as Site Director at McKinley. She has a 4th grader at McKinley and an 8th grader at BIS. 

So why Burlingame?

My husband is a software engineer. We lived in New York, but in 2004 we moved here for his job. After living in San Mateo for a year and renting for a long time in Burlingame, we eventually bought a house near McKinley. One of the main reasons we stayed in Burlingame was for the Spanish immersion program. Our oldest daughter was in the first Spanish immersion class.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

Even before my oldest daughter started school, I’ve been aware of the funding issues for California schools. I’m also a former teacher – I have a master’s degree in education – and knowing first-hand how badly the schools need money, I wanted to put my efforts there.

I first got involved with the McKinley PTA as the Newsletter Editor and Walk-a-Thon Co-Chair. Over the years I’ve worked to pass several ballot measures that benefitted our schools, then volunteered on the BCE marketing team for two years before taking on this role as the McKinley Site Director.

I know it can be overwhelming coming in as a new parent in the district, and I want people to know that they can reach out to me. My role is really more of a liaison between BCE and McKinley. As a member of the BCE board, I can be the voice for McKinley. People have a lot of different perspectives and priorities, and it’s good to get all of that feedback.

What makes your school special?

At McKinley, I think the school really benefits its strong community. We have great events. My personal favorites are Multicultural Night and the Harvest Festival. Since our very first days, Paula Valerio, our principal, knew my daughter’s. It  impressed me to have my kindergartener greeted by name.

At BIS, the expectations are high, and the kids seem to meet those expectations. There are some really great teachers there who clearly like working in Burlingame and are really dedicated to our kids.

For me, the fact that our kids have dedicated PE and library staff, and have the band and all of these other things thanks to BCE funding is amazing. I don’t think we’d have half of what we have, and our classroom sizes would be bigger, if we didn’t have BCE.

What three words do your children use to describe you?

Fun, good listener and huggable.

–Jennifer Colvin, Managing Editor


Get to Know Your BCE School Site Directors

Jen Liebhaber, VP Site Directors

The BCE site directors at each Burlingame school serve as the liaisons between parent volunteers and the overall BCE organization

Jen Liebhaber, VP Site Directors (and the former Franklin BCE Site Director), described the role as being the primary leader and face of BCE at each of the school sites.

“The site directors work tirelessly to achieve BCE’s mission: providing the Burlingame School District with financial resources to create a rich and inspiring education for our children beyond what is possible with public funds,” she said.

In addition to being the “go-to” person for BCE questions, each site director is in charge of local outreach efforts and develops personal relationships with donors over a two-year term.

Two site directors are entering the second year of their terms — Delyn Simons (Washington’s BCE Site Director) and Kristen Schwager (Roosevelt’s BCE Site Director).

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be introducing you to the rest of the site directors:

Stay tuned for more…


RICHARD MORAN: “McKinley has an amazing sense of community and pride.”

Our second “I am BCE” profile is of Richard Moran, McKinley’s Elementary’s BCE Site Director. A technology and software consultant, Richard has three children at McKinley.

McKinley’s BCE Site Director Richard Moran

When did you move to Burlingame?
I moved to Burlingame in January 2002 to join my wife in this community and enjoyed the small town feel and close proximity to both San Francisco and the South Bay.

Why did you become involved with BCE?
I became involved with BCE because I feel that the best way to ensure that my 3 children get the best education possible is to be an actively involved parent. BCE plays a very important role in raising funds to help provide a well rounded education for all of the K-8 children in Burlingame. For me, volunteering for BCE, educating other families about the merits of BCE, and helping BCE achieve its annual fundraising goals was a great way to get involved with both McKinley Elementary School and the educational community in Burlingame as a whole.

What makes your school/school community special?
The teachers, the staff and the families all make McKinley Elementary very special. The dedication and enthusiasm of the teachers and the staff clearly illustrate their passion as educators. Personally, I think they all deserve our support and a huge round of applause.

McKinley has an amazing sense of community and pride. The families at McKinley are friendly, caring, and creative and have an unmatched enthusiasm for crafting memorable experiences for all of our children. Our main community event during the school year is Harvest Festival, which, in addition to having great food, games and music, highlights a true Burlingame classic, The Haunted House. In the weeks leading up to the 2 night event most McKinley Dads can be found at school or in a nearby garage fashioning the required elements for the current year’s haunted house. At the same time, McKinley Moms are adding their own creative touches to other parts of this school-wide operation. It is truly an inspiration to watch as our families come together night after night to build, decorate and transform our school site for the Festival which draws crowds from all over the Bay Area. It is an amazing sight to see and it is even more amazing to be a part of it. The McKinley families work hard and take pride in making McKinley a special place for our children.

What do your kids say about their day at McKinley?
When my oldest daughter started kindergarten I asked each day, “How was school? What did you learn today?” and each day she couldn’t stop raving about something that happened in PE with Mr. D. “Today we learned soccer, now we’re doing basketball, I like when we play baseball.”  So of course, I thought how wonderful it was to see a big smile on her face as she described all of these fun activities. It also struck me how important it was that that we have a PE teacher showing the kids all of these different sports and getting my daughter so excited about physical education. Well, as the year progressed I met this infamous “Mr. D” and I was very pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very dedicated to the kids he was. It came as no surprise that when my other two daughters joined McKinley that they too had the same reaction to Mr. D’s PE class.

What three words do your children use to describe you?
Funny, Fun, Thoughtful and Awesome! (they couldn’t stop at just 3)