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A BIG Thank you to the nominating committee for their hard work and dedication in during the nominating process.

Nominating committee members: Joe Benaglia (BIS), Bethany Hollrah (Franklin), Rachel Goodrich (Lincoln), Jennifer Kulin (McKinley), Sari McConnell (Roosevelt), Sean Moran (Washington), Michele Harbin (Washington), Terese Fuss (Hoover)

We are proud to present the BCE Board for the 2017/2018 school year:
President Sari McConnell
Secretary Amanda Virani*
Treasurer Jenese Sieben
VP Business Development Jeff DeMartini*
VP Events Kate Reed*
VP Marketing Jennifer Kulin
VP Scholars Circle Kendra Wehmeyer
VP Site Directors Marni Fligel**
BIS Site Director Malinda Pauly
Franklin Site Director Victoria Terry*
Hoover Site Director Carolyn Way
Lincoln Site Director Lisa Mudd*
McKinley Site Director Liz Anderson*
Roosevelt Site Director Kristin Flenniken
Washington Site Director Margaret Burke
VP New Families Bethany Hollrah*

* Indicates new to the BCE Board, ** Indicates individual previously held a different BCE Board position 


2016-2017 Board of Directors:

Top row:
Felicia Ng (staff); Malinda Pauly, Michele Harbin, Linda Shaffer, Angela Dubovsky, Lindsay Wilson, Fabiola Price, Kristen Flenniken, Martin Jorgensen (staff)

NewBoard_2016-2017_1 (1)

Seated: Carolyn Way, Sari McConnell, Quynh Trinh, Marni Fligel, Katie Herstein, Hildur Carlen, Jennifer Kulin, Margaret Burke       Missing: Kendra Wehmeyer

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To see how we’re organized, click here to view our BCE Organizational Chart

BCE President Angela Dubovsky.

Angela Dubovsky (BIS, Franklin)

Sari McConnell (BIS,  Roosevelt, Mckinley)
Michele Hentrich Harbin (Washington)
Jenese Sieben (Franklin, BIS)
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VP Business Development
Quynh Trinh (BIS, McKinley)
VP Events
Fabiola Price (Lincoln)
VP Marketing
Jennifer Kulin (McKinley, BIS)
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VP Scholars Circle
Kendra Wehmeyer (Lincoln)
VP Site Directors
Linda Shaffer (BIS)
BIS Site Director
Malinda Pauly (BIS, Roosevelt)
 Katie Herstein Lincoln Site Director_1  hildur  KristinFlenniken
Lincoln Site Director
Katie Herstein (Lincoln)
McKinley Site Director
Hildur Carlen (BIS, McKinley)
Roosevelt Site Director
Kristen Flenniken (Roosevelt)
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Washington Site Director
Margaret Burke (Washington)
Franklin Site Director
Marni Fligel (Franklin)
Hoover Site Director
Carolyn Way (BIS, Hoover)