BCE Read-a-thon Results are In

BCERead_HP_AssetThe preliminary results from the BCE Read-a-thon are in! We’re happy to report that 2,243 kids across the district read 917,079 minutes in one week – a 25% increase over last year. And, our kids and volunteers raised more than $150,000 in donations and business sponsorships, a 14% increase over last year. Once the final count has been completed by our volunteers, we expect these numbers to go up even higher.

With 70% of all donations made online, and students tracking their minutes online this year, we were able to streamline our operations and make things easier for everyone.

Thank you to all of our readers, teachers, volunteers, parent sponsors and business sponsors for inspiring and supporting our kids!

Special thanks go to the BCE Read-a-thon Co-chairs, Sherri Jarrett and Amanda Virani, and all the other BCE Read-a-thon volunteers who made this event possible.

2016 BCE Read-a-thon volunteers


  • Sherri Jarrett
  • Amanda Virani


  • Rachel Goodrich, Read Rep
  • Daniella Kriner
  • Cathy Guglielmi
  • Allyson Trevor
  • Kendra Wehmeyer


  • Sherri Jarrett, Read Rep
  • Sara Fraser, Read Rep
  • Mike Jarrett
  • Jennifer Conway
  • Sonal Gopalia
  • Alix O’Brien
  • Irene Motoviloff
  • Jaehee Lee
  • Stephanie Thompson
  • Marni Fligel
  • Sade Carroll
  • Terese Piazza Fuss
  • Manisha Loonawat
  • John Healy
  • Mary Ann Waterman, School Admin


  • Karen Senffner, Read Rep
  • Hildur Carlen
  • Samia Shoman
  • Kathryn Der


  • Jennifer Vancini, Read Rep
  • Justin Angelos
  • Maria Yarmolinsky
  • Cam Daly
  • Madeleine Kruck
  • Kristin Dokoza
  • Jenny De Martini
  • Jason Edelman
  • Michelle McIIwain
  • Kristina Karandy-Welliver


  • Sara Wong, Read Rep
  • Betsy Rosen, Read Rep
  • Manny Navarro
  • Melanie Coleman
  • Debbie Gianni
  • Julie Kraus


  • Ruben Hurin, Read Rep
  • Michelle Hurin, Read Rep
  • Cami Erickson
  • Tina Chang
  • Erica Rishel

BCE Read-a-thon Team:

  • Fabiola Price
  • Quynh Trinh
  • Wendy Mendoza-McArdle
  • Ann Townsager
  • Amanda Rogowski
  • Liane Louie-Badua
  • Abby Edling
  • Jennifer Colvin

Thank you to our sponsors!

Leland Tea Co., Legarza Sports Camps, Books Inc., Mathnasium, Adventures in Writing, Burlingamer, United Health Credit Union, Broadway Tennis, Debbie Sharp, Aimee Klarich, The Sentence Center, SF Giants Camp, and Five Little Monkeys.