Meet Angela Dubovsky, BCE President

Angela Dubovsky started her two-year term as BCE President this fall, but she’s been involved in Burlingame schools and BCE ever since she and her family move to Burlingame from Georgia four years ago. She has a 6th grader at BIS, as well as a 5th grader and nephew in kindergarten at Franklin.

So why Burlingame?

When we moved to the Bay Area for my husband’s job, on the top of our list was schools. There isn’t a bad school in Burlingame. Plus the weather and location are great.

Why did you become involved with BCE?

I was very involved with the PTA in Georgia, and when I moved here I wanted to be involved, especially because I knew schools weren’t well funded in California, and I knew I wanted to help. I started going to PTA meetings and ended up serving two terms as the Franklin PTA president.

Each school in our district has a unique flavor. We all love our neighborhood schools, and the PTAs are wonderful about building community. I wanted to get involved with BCE to make our community better at the district level. All of our kids throughout the district should have a similar technology experience. They should all have art. And BCE provides the funding to make that happen.

What is BCE’s role?

Our number one mission is fundraising. We’re on the path to raising $2 million for our schools. We’ve had significant sustained growth with money contributed from our community, businesses and individuals. We do it every year. We have an amazing team of volunteers doing education and outreach, and an amazing board – we’re so fortunate to have that.

This year, we were able to fund three new programs: an integrated art program, an integrated technology specialist, and a science partnership with the Lawrence Hall of Sciences.

We work with the district and the parents. It’s a true partnership. Last year, the district heard parents were prioritizing art, and we’re agile enough that when the district asked us for funding we were able to come through. All of the PTAs also contributed. We’re not going to all agree on everything – it’s a give and take. But the district truly cares about the priorities of the community.

There can be a misconception that since we already have some of these great programs like music, it’s a forgone conclusion that we’ll always have music. That’s not necessarily the case. We need to sustain those programs every year, which is why we are asking the community to pledge now in the fall and pay later, so we can do better planning for next year.

What makes your school special?

At Franklin, it’s the people. It feels like a very small community, even though it’s big school with more than 600 students. And at BIS, having a unifying leader like Pam Scott is amazing. The school finds a balance between nurturing and self-sufficiency, teaching kids to stand on their own but providing a supportive environment to do it in. Both schools are second homes for my kids.

What three words do your children use to describe you? 

My kids would describe me as fun, involved and loving.


Angela Dubovsky, BCE President.