Advisory Board

BCE is largely run by parent volunteers who dedicate their talents and time in so many different ways — as project managers, designers, database systems experts, professional services gurus, relationship builders, party throwers, data entry managers – just to name a few – to make the BCE grant a reality for our schools.

The BCE Advisory Board is comprised of 100+ volunteers who provide year-round support and input to our fundraising mission. BCE also relies on an additional 100+ volunteers who provide vital day-of support to our events. It couldn’t be done without you.

Interested in joining our volunteer corps? Learn more here.

BCE Advisory Board 2017-2018…and growing!

Justin Angelos
Angela Bennett
Shelly Blockhus
Lisa Borgeson
Karla Cahue
Kendra Calvert
Hildur Carlen
Byung Choung
Debbie Clifford
Jennifer Colvin
Sara Ellis Conant
Christy Covalesky
Penny Crespo
Gena Dalziel
Andrea DeMichele
Karen DeRossett
Kim Doren
Yvette Fantham
Megan Farrell
Aimee Foster
Sara Fraser
Terese Piazza Fuss
Alex Galanter
Stacy Glick
Amy Grenier
Marica Grskovic
Cathy Guglielmi
Judy Gum
Felynn Haberecht
Lauren Cony Hackos
Jacquie Haggarty
Michele Harbin
Katie Herstein
Ajanta Horan
Isako Hoshino
Erica Jackson
Sheila Jambekar
Mike Jarrett
Sherri Jarrett
Erika Kelly
Kevin Kelly
Betsy Kitchens
Kevin Lafferty
Gregg Lavine
Jeannette Laxague
Elisa Lee
Errica Lee
Alison Lemire
David Levitt
Heba Levitt
Jennifer Lin
Erin Lish
Mainisha Loonawat
Liane Louie-Badua
Karen Lynch
Monica MacMillan
Greg Mand
Tia Mandel
Kimarie Matthews
Lara McDonald
Melissa McGuire
Nancy Miller
Amy Mishra
Lindsay Morris
Graham Mudd
Marria Nazif
Gaby Nejasmich
Maja Nelson
Nora Park
Jenn Ellison Paz
Arvind Raghavan
Cammy Rempel
Michelle Roberts
Kim Rosales
Betsy Rosen
Darci Rosenblum
Kate Rosenquist
Chris Sandell
Melinda Saunders
Gaird Schlesinger
Alex Schuman
Linda Shaffer
Yvonne Shen
Delyn Simons
Shelby Sinha
Tuhin Sinha
Lili Sirota
Anne Soler
Molly St. Clair
Marian Stein
Wendy Stephens
Meredith Thacker
Stephanie Thompson
Kelly Tillman
Amy Tovar
Phuong Tran
Ariane Trimuschat
Quynh Trinh
Ipek Tunca
Kathy Turner
Jennifer Vancini
Andrea VanVoorhis
Katie Ward
Camille Watson
Sarah Wiley
Akemi Ooka Wilson
Lindsay Wilson
July Win
Sara Wong
Winnie Wong
Jana Rubin Zimmer